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08 Jun 2020

Leon 62 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to

  • NEW CREW DUTIES - we have published a beta version of the new CREW DUTIES page called 'CREW CALENDAR'. More information here
  • MARKETPLACES - we are integrated with 'FlyEasy' software. More information here
  • SHOW SCHEDULE - it is possible to send 'ASM' messages from this panel. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - it is now possible to create Clients and Representatives in REQUESTS QUOTES panel. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - we have also introduced some other functionalities. More information here
  • REPORT WIZARD - new CO2 columns and calculations introduced in scope FLIGHTS. More information here
  • REPORT WIZARD - we have added new reports: 'Sales person report', 'Conversion by sales person' and 'Aircraft usage breakdown'. More information here
  • REPORT WIZARD - other functionalities have been added. More information here
  • OPS TIMELINE - 'DAY NOTE' option available in the 'OPS CALENDAR' section can now also appear in 'OPS TIMELINE' panel. More information here
  • SHOW SCHEDULE - it is possible to customize an email for 'Plain text' in panel 'Email templates'
  • DOCUMENTS MANAGER - new items added to Available Data: 'airportTimezoneInfo' for 'Crew an PAX Tripsheet' located under airportNotes.airportTimezoneInfo
  • SUBCHARTERS - you can now select new 'Flight Brief' & 'Charter Agreement' documents templates for subcharters (to be added in 'Documents Manager' panel)
  • FEES - new options/changes introduced: 1) a new item 'Fuel stop fee' has been added - it will be included if Leon finds out that the fuel stop is needed; 2) 'Catering fee' will not be included for 'Fuel stop' sectors unless there is a change in the number of PAX or the 'Fuel stop' is longer than 2 hours; 3) 'Parking fee' will not be calculated if aircraft is in its home base
  • PERMITS - it is possible to include an aircraft 'EQUIPMENT CODES' in permits email templates (the 'EQUIPMENT CODES' field can be found in Fleet settings)
  • NOTIFICATIONS - persons assigned to trips on 'GROUND' positions can now also receive flight notifications about schedule or crew changes
  • REFUELINGS - a new column 'Invoice No' has been added to the main page (showing invoice number inserted in the Refueling's edition)
  • CENTRIK - changing endorsement's name in Centrik will result in changing its name also on Leon's side (instead of creating a new endorsement in Leon)
  • SCHEDAERO - it is possible to set up that all trips imported to Leon will have a status 'Option' - mark a checkbox 'Create unconfirmed bookings only' in Scheaero configuration

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