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17 Aug 2020

Leon 67 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to

  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - accepting subcharter requests from Avinode is now possible. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - an option to add a 'Sales note' before booking a trip is now possible. This applies both to regular aircraft as well as the subcharter flights
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - we have added 2 fields in 'Subcharter' tab: 'Phone number' and 'Manufacture year'. Information from these fields can be included in the sales documents for Subcharter by using 'phone' and 'yearOfProduction' items in Available data
  • SSIM - Leon will send SSIM files to DCS & PSS when after the schedule change of trips created in a panel SCHED. More information here
  • PAX - adding national ID cards to PAX profile is now available. More information here
  • DOCUMENTS MANAGER - an option to add the documents attached in OPS or Sales checklist to Crew Tripsheet is now possible. More information here
  • CREW CALENDAR - we added a possibility of exporting the roster to Excel and print it. More information here
  • JOURNEY LOG - we have added new columns: 'Uplift after flight' and 'Uplift after flight density'. Both columns can be enabled in Settings > Flight Editing > Journey Log items section
  • RFFC - it is possible to insert RFFC cat in various formats (not only as a single number): i.e. 3-4, 4/5 or 1 to 2
  • REPORTS - columns 'FLTS' and 'PAX' in 'Top Destinations' report have been split into 6 following new columns: 'Total PAX/FLTS', 'Departing PAX/FLTS' & 'Arrival PAX/FLTS'. Each column contains the number of PAX and the percentage in the total number of PAX (in brackets)
  • REPORT WIZARD - column 'Flight Tag' has been renamed to 'Tags' and now ill also include 'Trip tags'
  • REPORT WIZARD - 'Ground fuel usage' columns will now also display negative values
  • REPORT WIZARD - it is possible to define a list of custom fields in a particular report in Wizard. These fields will be added to the 'Available data' and can be used when editing a template. More information here
  • REPORT WIZARD - additional columns have been added to the scope 'FLIGHTS': 1) 'Fuel uplift after [JL][unit]' and 'Fuel uplift after density [JL][unit]'. These 2 columns feed the data from the Journey log. Value in the 'Fuel uplift after [JL][unit]' column is a sum of values in 'Fuel remaining [JL][unit]' and 'Uplift after flight [JL][unit]' from the preceding flight
  • REPORT WIZARD - columns 'Refueling density [unit/dm3]' will now display more than one values (separated by a comma) if such has been applied in the JL
  • OPS - it is possible to check the history of changes of notes added in a tab 'TRIP' ('Notes' & "Trip Supplementary Info') by clicking a clock-icon displayed above each of the notes fields
  • OPS - we have added 'Block time' FTL Violation warnings. If a single block time exceeds the limit, a Crew member will be highlighted red and the details will be available in 'CREW' tab > 'FTL Calculations' section
  • FLIGHT NOTIFICATIONS - we have included additional elements of the checklist items in Flight Notifications

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