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01 Mar 2021

Leon 81 release

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • OPS CALENDAR - functionality 'Flight Crew Change' has been re-arranged. More information here
  • OPS DOCUMENTS - in a section 'Email Templates' it is now possible to define default attachments, which will get sent while sending OPS documents, as well as Permits, Catering or Fuel Ordering
  • OPS TABLE - a new column 'Client' has been added. It can be activated in the 3-dot filter
  • OPS - 'TBC' checkbox has been added to the tab 'FLIGHT'. More information here
  • FUEL - it is possible to upload tax rates to fuel prices. More information here
  • SCHED - pairings can be tagged before publishing. Once published, the tags will appear in the 'TRIP' tab in the OPS section. Any change of tags in SCHED will overwrite existing tabs in OPS
  • JOURNEY LOG - new fields available to be switched on in 'Settings' > 'Flight Editing' section: 'Underload' - default mass unit will be taken from 'Cargo' (in an aircraft profile); 'Client's satisfaction' - 3 options to choose from: good, average and bad
  • PAX - it is now possible to insert PAX weight in the PAX profile. The weight unit can be selected between KG and LBS
  • REPORT WIZARD - Following columns have been added to scope 'Flight': 1) 'Handover Note' column has been added to scope 'Flight'. The content of this column is taken from the Journey Log; 2) 'Client's satisfaction [JL]' containing the status of satisfaction selected in the Journey Log


  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - it is now possible to assign aircraft amenities and calculate the margin in the subcharter. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - it is now possible to assign one Representative/PAX to numerous Clients/Companies. Simply edit the Representative/PAX profile and assign Companies in the 'Other Companies' option
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - it is now possible to add the Assignee and Base directly from the main view. Option 'Assign to' is available in the pop-up menu when clicking right-click of the mouse on a selected quote from the list
  • FEES - new fees have been added. More information here
  • FEES - Airport Fees can be exported to Excel/CSV file and - once amended - can be imported back to Airport Fees panel
  • REPORT WIZARD - following columns have been added to scope 'Quote': 1) 'Hourly price (flight time) in custom currency'; 2) 'Hourly price (block time) in custom currency'; 3) 'Average sector block time'; 4) 'Average sector flight time'


  • CREW PLANNING - a new way of defining aircraft duties has been introduced. More information here
  • CREW CALENDAR - it is possible to expand/collapse the crew list, regardless of the grouping selected in the 3-dot filter (by aircraft or position). By default, groups are collapsed, but Leon will remember the user's settings (which groups are expanded or collapsed)
  • FTL - an option 'Add hotel' will now always appear under the key-icon - click the 'EDIT' blue button in a tab CREW, section 'FTL CALCULATIONS' to enable it
  • SIM - simulators with landings equal to '0' will still update crew approach currency, as long as the approach is selected in SIM edition window
  • VISA - new options implemented: adding notes, attaching scan, defining the max number of entries and number of entries
  • REPORT WIZARD - cumulative duty, cumulative block time limits, FDP extension limits and the weekly rest limits columns have been added to the scope 'FTL Duty'


  • CREW APP - 'Flight Brief' has been added to the list of the documents

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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