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15 Mar 2021

Leon 82 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • CREW tab - 'Copy PSN & PAD' checkbox added in the 'COPY CREW' functionality. This allows to also copy crew assigned on positions PSN and PAD
  • FLIGHT WATCH - Planned number of PAX and Cargo weight will be automatically inserted in the Flight Watch
  • PAX tab - Possibility to enter additional PAX data on flights. More information here
  • OPS Checklist - Option to add planned flight time to the fuel item of the OPS checklist
  • JOURNEY LOG - 'Nav Database Update' and 'De-icing Fluid Check' checkboxes added to Journey Log optional fields


  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - Flight time calculation with Aviapages has been implemented. More information here
  • AIRCRAFT FEES - 'Minimum day charge fee' and 'Short sector fee' have been added. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - the possibility to allocate base and assignee directly from the main Requests/Quotes page has been implemented. More information here


  • CREW TIMELINE - possibility to add hotel reservations has been implemented. More information here
  • CREW TIMELINE - possibility to compress blocks of duties with drag and drop option has been implemented
  • CREW TIMELINE & CALENDAR - 'Can see only crews assigned to the aircraft on Crew Calendar' option available in the 'PRIVILEGES' > 'SETTINGS' tab. This option will limit the view and edit access to the crew members assigned to the aircraft to which the User has access provided by the Privileges


  • New scope 'PAX' has been added. A single line in the report relates to a single passenger flight
  • The 'Airport [ICAO]' and 'Airport [IATA]' columns have been added to the 'Crew Roster' scope
  • 'Flight Date' column showing the date of the first flight in the trip has been added to the 'Invoices' scope
  • Following columns added to scope 'Flights': 'Infants [PLAN]', 'Children [PLAN]', 'Fuel Flight Time [Chkl]' that takes the data from the 'Fuel' element of the checklist
  • A new predefined date range has been added: '-10 days, today, +10 days'


  • Showing LT / UTC times at airport opening hours has been implemented
  • It is now possible to mark the 'Irregular opening hours' checkbox and add a note in 'Airport Hours' and 'Control Tower Hours'. If the trip is scheduled to such airport the caution that includes 'Irregular opening hours' note will appear in the OPS and the REQUESTS/QUOTES views


  • NATIONAL ID - it is now possible to select the document type from the types available in the dropdown. More information here
  • CREW and PAX profile - 'Nationality' field has been added. More information here


  • 'Flight Brief' document from the Sales module is now available on the documents list in the 'FLIGHT' tab for download


  • Possibility to separate access rights to different MX sections has been implemented in 'PRIVILEGES'

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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