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26 Apr 2021

Leon 85 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - 'Min. category' of the aircraft will be automatically selected when adding the quote manually in Leon. This is the lowest category based on the selected aircraft
  • FEES - new fees have been added to the 'Airport fees': 'PAX minimum fee' - minimum fee for a flight with PAX to ADES (regardless of the number of PAX traveling)
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - request 'Changes history' now includes changes requested in the Owner App. More information here
  • AVIAPAGES - option 'Exclusion zones' added. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - changes to PAX selection in tab 'PAX'. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - empty leg requests are indicated in the list of requests by the 'Empty legs' label in the 'ID' column. Additionally, it is possible to filter and display the empty legs requests by using the 'Empty leg requests' in the 'Show' dropdown located at the top of the Requests/Quotes list
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - 'Avinode price' column has been added. The column can be activated from the 3-dot filter > 'Columns' section


  • METAR and TAF weather reports will show when you hover the mouse over the airport's code. More information here
  • DOCUMENTS MENU - Flight Brief sales document is now available in the documents menu in the OPS view. The document can be previewed and downloaded
  • 'TRIP' TAB - it is now possible to add 'Take off/Landing email' in the tab 'TRIP'. If the trip was booked in the 'Requests/Quotes' section, the email will be filled in automatically
  • WINDS DATABASE - we have connected the new winds database to Leon. The new winds database will allow for more accurate flight time calculations in OPS and SALES sections. The new wind data is available here. It is replacing the old database in Leon
  • TIMELINE - 'Ground/airborne time' option added in the 3-dot filter > 'Show on Timeline'. This allows to display/remove the ground time markers
  • CALENDAR - holidays selected in Settings > Duties setup will be marked green in the 'Calendar' view
  • PAX TRANSPORT - it is now possible to request transport for PAX in the OPS checklist, from the selected supplier. The transport request email template can be created in the 'Admin Panel' > 'Email Templates' section
  • FOREFLIGHT - it is now possible to manually send the flights to ForeFlight from the OPS view. The option is available under the 'SEND TO' option in the documents menu and works in exactly the same way as sending the flights to PPS. Additionally, we have increased the automated upload to ForeFlight to 30 days
  • TABLE - 'ICAO Type' column has been added. The column can be activated in the 3-dot filter > 'Columns' section
  • TIMELINE - it is now possible to change the aircraft on the flights by drag&dropping. Simply click on the flight and hold the left button of the mouse and move the flight to a different aircraft


  • CREW CALENDAR - it is now possible to assign the default Freelancers contracts and display them in the Crew Calendar. More information here
  • CREW CALENDAR - crew selection dropdown in the 'ASSIGN TEMPORARY CREW' pop-up window will now indicate the 'Freelancer' pilots ('Freelancer' label in the brackets by the pilot's name)
  • CREW CALENDAR - Crew's highest rating on a specific aircraft will be displayed under the Crew code. This will only apply if the view is grouped by 'Aircraft'
  • CREW CALENDAR - it is now possible to print the roster showing its state in a specific time in the past. More information here
  • CREW CALENDAR - duties on the aircraft other than the selected aircraft are dimmed. The option works only if grouping is set to 'Aircraft'
  • CREW CALENDAR - it is now possible to remove the temporarily assigned crew. Option 'REMOVE TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT' is available when right-clicking the mouse on the temporarily assigned crew
  • CREW CALENDAR - click on the tile with crew name using right-click of a mouse to access the following options: ADD CREW MEMBER, EDIT CREW, ROSTER PUBLISH HISTORY, CLEAR DRAFT CHANGES FOR CREW
  • CREW TIMELINE/CALENDAR - changes to roster publish window. More information here
  • CREW TIMELINE - 'Replace crew' option has been added. More information here


  • SCOPE 'FTL DUTY' - additional columns with the most common cumulative limits for block time, duty time and days off have been added
  • SCOPE TRIPS - 'Delay code [JL]' and the 'Delay code time [JL][SUM]' columns have been added. The columns contain the delay codes and delay times. The values are separated by the commas
  • SCOPE 'PAX FLIGHT' - following columns have been added: 'Travel Document ADEP', 'Travel document ADES'
  • NEW TIMEFRAME - 'Previous week' timeframe added to the reports. The new timeframe displays the data from Mon to Sun of the week preceding the current week


  • TAH estimation on the future flights will be calculated based on the block time reduced by taxi times


  • MY SCHEDULE - 'Include my aircraft flights' filtering option has been added. More information here
  • TAB 'FLIGHT' - it is now possible to download the files available in the tab 'Flight' and open them when offline


  • PAX SECTION - field 'Weight' has been added which allows inserting the weight of the PAX which can be helpful when calculating Weight&Balance on the flight
  • SCHEDULE - 'ADEP' and 'ADES' have been renamed to 'Origin' and 'Destination' respectively
  • TRIP STATUS - the statuses of the trip have been renamed to 'Pending', 'Confirmed', 'Completed', and 'Rejected'


  • MAIN AD VIEW - additional column called 'Custom' has been added. The column will display the codes of custom airports


  • USERS - it is now possible to export the user list to the excel file. The list can be exported by clicking on the excel icon in the top-right corner of the list and the file contains the information available in the quick user edit pop-up as well as the user status

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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