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10 May 2021

Leon 86 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • Copy of all the exchanged messages can now be stored on Leon servers even if deleted from the client's email inbox. More information here
  • Flight Time can now be calculated with the aid of 'RouteFinder'. More information here
  • 'Bookings' view has been redesigned and organized to show trips and quotations by customers. More information here
  • Possibility to add and select email template when sending Charter Agreement via DocuSign. Once the agreement is signed, a copy of the email with the signed document can be sent to the CC recipient
  • Changes in Third Party Commission calculation for subcharters. More information here
  • Adding Third Part Commission to quotes based on 'Cost&Margin' Method. More information here
  • A feasibility check for airport discontinuity has been implemented. If the 'Airport discontinuity' warning has been marked in the 3-dot filter, the discontinuity will be indicated with a dotted line by the Departure Airport
  • Applying 'Flight times' calculated in 'Aviapages' or 'RouteFinder' will automatically recalculate the quotation amounts


  • Crew Calendar - possibility to display airport codes in IATA code has been added. The switch between ICAO and IATA can be done under the 3-dot filter icon
  • Crew Calendar - the aircraft icon will be displayed in blue if the assigned flight is a simulator training
  • Crew Calendar - note added to a duty will be indicated with a calendar icon
  • Crew Calendar - 'Changes history' will display information if a particular duty was a request submitted by a crew member via mobile app - word 'request' in brackets
  • Crew Calendar - possibility to display crew members' home-base instead of the crew codes by the crew name. This can be switched in the 3-dot filter
  • Crew Calendar - the aircraft types are now sorted alphabetically in the 'FILTER'
  • Crew Calendar - if a crew has more than one temporary assignment it is now possible to choose the temporary assignment to be removed. Clicking on the 'REMOVE TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT' option will display the dropdown with the assignments list
  • Crew Timeline - notes added to line training and line checks will be displayed in the bottom bar. Additionally, 'Pilot notes' will be displayed in Crew mobile app


  • 'My Aircraft Schedule' option introduced in My Schedule view. More information here


  • New option 'Select Suppliers' added. More information here
  • OPS TABLE - 'Date' column will include a year if the year is different than the current year
  • OPS CHECKLIST - it is now possible to select a 'Slot' supplier. Dropdown with the supplier selection will be available by the 'Slot' checklist item
  • PAX and crew passport 'select' field will now show information about visas in a given passport
  • Possibility to select the 'Schengen' zone option for visas
  • Possibility to select issuing country for visas
  • TIMELINE VIEW - possibility to drag and drop flights between aircraft. Simply click on a flight you'd like to move, hold the mouse and once the flight is highlighted, move it to the new selected aircraft


  • 'Closed' status will change the color of Maintenance in OPS Calendar to grey
  • 'REPSOL SPAIN' & 'AML Global' fuel formats have been implemented
  • 'FTL Sheet' report - ICAO type will not be displayed for positionings

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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