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08 May 2023

Air Alsie - The world at your command

Air Alsie is one of the world's premier business aviation service providers, headquartered in Denmark.

Air Alsie was founded some 33 years ago. As one of many other small operators, it had just two Cessna Citation and a Falcon 20. Company was among one of the first to obtain the JAR-OPS AOC and this opened for some international clients which also brought them into the Hawker and Bombardier family of aircraft. 

Over the years Air Alsie has become more and more international with aircraft being operated from many countries and also out of Asia. Some ten years ago Air Alsie also added scheduled airlines to their activity and founded AlsieExpress for this purpose. During this period it also got approved as a Dassault Authorized Service Center.

Air Alsie

Enhanced flight management 

“The world at your command” is Air Alsie’s slogan – with being present to more than 1.300 different airports, it has new customers and more air travel each year. With such growth, process automation and a flight management system become essential

As Marika Østerlund, Air Alsie project manager responsible for the implementation of Leon Software commented:

"We have had several systems over the years from whiteboard over excel to our own developed systems. But we felt we needed a more integrated and mature system, so we did a very thorough market survey and Leon Software came out on top of that.   

The transition into Leon Software was really smooth. We have received an excellent level of support from the Leon support team. During preparations for the “switch over date” for several months we were of course rather nervous about it. But it went very well and our customers did not notice it at all."

Working with the Leon team, the implementation went smoothly so none of the company processes went to any slow down, as the Leon support team was on the spot to ensure that no question would be unanswered.

Easier operations thanks to new aircraft

Air Alsie is constantly investing in the future to ensure that customers can fly safely to any destination. The fleet right now consists of five Falcon 2000LXS with a sixth to be delivered this year in Q3, nine Falcon 7X, six Falcon 8X and their first Falcon 6X arriving next year. Three ATR 72-500, one PC12NG and one EC135T2 helicopter.

As Marika Østerlund said: 

"The latest arrival to our fleet was a brand new Falcon 2000LXS, which is now available for charter. It has the fantastic KA band internet connection so the crew can also work on Leon during the flight."

Thinking of the future, Air Alsie is aiming to focus even more on the Falcon types and becoming even better service providers in all aspects of aircraft management. A key parameter for this is better system integration and digitalization. Air Alsie expects Leon Software to be a key system for this. 

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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