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10 May 2023

Avior and Leon will help you fly

The integration between Avior and Leon Software will save your time and make work easier

Quality in aviation services always comes first. Customers who pay for air travel expect to be properly served, to arrive safely and on time, and to experience no inconvenience along the way. Companies like Avior help private flight operators provide top-notch service to their customers. 

The integration between Leon Software and Avior automates the exchange of flight data and makes service management much more efficient. When it comes to handling services, you're no longer reliant on your Outlook account or phone calls. Everything you need is managed through one UX-friendly dashboard.


Avior: all trip support needs and services in a one-stop shopt

Avior's services include flight permits, planning, ground handling, fuel and crew support. For all of these, the data already entered into Leon Software can be essential. As Avior's mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective and reliable aviation services across the world, they're constantly looking for solutions that will bring a more seamless and pleasant experience for their customers. 

Today, Avior prioritizes assigning each customer a dedicated flight manager, ensuring personalized service that addresses the operator's unique needs. This approach optimizes communication and gives the flight manager a deep understanding of their client's requirements. Just as the client service is in one hand, as the data should be in one placeLeon Software, the central source of information, enables tracking of all schedule and crew changes, serving as a vital hub for managing crucial data and maintaining a high level of efficiency.

AIntegration saves you time: no double data entry

The benefits of the integration between Avior and Leon Software are many, but first and foremost, it eliminates the problem of double data entry, which is necessary both to manage flights in Leon and to take advantage of the additional services offered by Avior.

Storing information in one place and sharing it automatically eliminates the problems caused by missing data, incorrect transcriptions, and long waiting time for updated information after changing individual flight parameters. Cooperation means instant feedback and lower risk of error. It is also a solution that requires less work and is more convenient.

About Avior

Avior was founded by a group of aviation experts with a vision to set new standards in international trip support by focusing on the needs and expectations of clients. The company provides a full range of flight planning and dispatch services. Avior has its own local station managers at several locations in Africa and the Middle East, in addition to a network of trusted suppliers worldwide. Avior is staffed 24/7 with multilingual personnel.

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