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11 May 2023

Explore new sales channels with VOO and Leon

Explore new sales channels with VOO and Leon

A growing base of new customers is vital for any private jet operator. VOO is one of the marketplaces that allows you to reach your target audience faster and more effectively, and to present your offer in an attractive and transparent way. By integrating with Leon Software, private jet operators can easily get started with VOO, with real-time data from Leon immediately available to new prospects.


Price calculation algorithm saves time in quote processing

In addition to creating a new sales channel, VOO facilitates the booking process by calculating accurate offers. It uses an algorithm based on logistics data, aircraft and airport price profiles and search parameters, as well as detailed aircraft, airport and price profiles provided by the operator. Together with a new booking request, the operator receives a complete overview of the pricing structure calculated by VOO for review or approval. Private jet operators save time processing quotes and charter brokers get an instant booking. 

VOO calculates accurate quotes, so brokers can book instantly, and payments can be made 24/7 with VOOpay, even on weekends and holidays – all with the maximum speed and high security of data transfer provided by VOO.

Leon provides real-time aircraft availability and location

VOO will be integrated with Leon in mid-May 2023. This integration covers the key functionalities to make charter sales more efficient and will facilitate traceable, effortless and flawless operations leading to instant bookings.

By synchronizing the schedule with VOO, users will be able to search, book and pay for all their charters based on accurate and real-time information. Leon automatically sends schedule information to VOO, providing real-time availability and aircraft location information, which VOO uses to calculate and offer accurate and valid charter prices. In addition, operators can synchronize every VOO booking with Leon to get the same benefit. Leon bookings can be processed in Leon and VOO bookings in without any conflicts with aircraft availability.

Leon Software is the central hub for managing critical data and maintaining high levels of efficiency for many operators. By providing integration with VOO, we eliminate the need to transfer data between different systems by enabling automatic exchange, saving time and effort. So VOO means a lot less waiting and a lot of more safety for our clients’ deals.” – says Paweł Szmagaj, CTO at Leon Software. 

We are excited about our partnership with LEON! This will improve the charter sales experience for all VOO operators who use LEON as their preferred flight management system. By synchronizing schedules, the aircraft availability of our LEON operators is now automatically updated and displayed on VOO in real time. I am thankful to Paweł Kruk, Paweł Szmagaj and the whole LEON team for their support and look forward to the possibilities this partnership will bring to our current and future VOO users.” – added Robert Plhak, CEO & Partner at VOO flights.

About VOO

VOO is the digital B2B marketplace where charter brokers and operators can search, book and pay all their private jet charters on just one platform that delivers instant bookings. This ultra-efficient software, developed and powered by AVINOC, provides charter brokers and private jet operators with the opportunity to close charter contracts within seconds.

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