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01 Jul 2024

Benefit from a library of airfield briefs from SelfBrief and Leon Software

The use of well-prepared and vetted ‘threat and error’ based airfield briefings significantly simplifies flight operations. SelfBrief provides a comprehensive library of such briefings, and its integration with Leon Software makes accessing and utilising them even more seamless.

Integration between SelfBrief and Leon Software

Overcoming the challenge of the perfect airfield brief

SelfBrief addresses the challenges posed by the diverse categories and complexities of modern airports by creating a library of airport briefs, which focus on the TEM principle. SelfBrief's library of ready-made, detailed briefings is an effective solution that ensures all necessary information is covered (including specific operator notes). 

In addition, SelfBrief incorporates feedback from pilots and carriers into their briefs, continually improving the accuracy and relevance of the information provided. This approach ensures that each brief is both comprehensive and practical, supporting safer and more efficient flight operations.

Consistent categorisation of the airports in Leon Software and in SelfBrief

The integration between Leon Software and SelfBrief allows automatic synchronisation of airfield briefs with the Leon airport database. This integration is designed to enhance the operational workflow by displaying the airport category from the Leon database within the SelfBrief platform.

Operators can see the airport category, ensuring the crew is aware of any special categorisations or prohibitions. The integration reduces the need for manual data entry and cross-referencing, saving time and minimising the risk of errors. And by providing accurate and up-to-date information, the integration acts as a last line of defence for the crew, alerting them to critical details about the airports they are flying in and out of.

About SelfBrief 

With a team of senior pilots and an experienced operations centre, the SelfBrief iOS and Android compatible application ensures that all pilots have the most up to date information available. SelfBrief's integration with platforms like Leon Software enhances operational efficiency and safety. Based in the UK, SelfBrief is committed to supporting operators of all sizes with reliable and user-friendly solutions.

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