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10 Jul 2024

Export your rosters from Leon Software to OffBlock

When you need easy access to information for roster sharing, crew communication, pilot logbook and more, OffBlock makes it happen. With Leon Software integration, you can now easily transfer data between applications.

Export your rosters from Leon Software to OffBlock

Optimize Airline Crew Rosters, Communication and Logbook Management with OffBlock

OffBlock provides its pilot logbook & flight crew app to both individual crew members as well as entire organisations.

For individuals, OffBlock is offering a comprehensive logbook and easy access to roster data. Pilots and flight crews can manage their professional and private aviation lives more efficiently with features such as roster sharing, messaging, powerful statistics and PDF reports in official formats. The app's native iOS and (soon to be published) Android versions ensure a seamless user experience, enhanced security, and offline functionality, allowing crews to access their schedules and perform tasks even without internet connectivity.

The corporate solution extends its benefits beyond individual crew members to the entire organisation. It provides additional capabilities designed to simplify the collaboration between crew members and planning departments. For example, the connection enables real-time updates, automated notifications, and instant response capabilities for roster changes, ensuring that crew members are always informed and can easily confirm changes. This reduces the risk of scheduling conflicts, missed communications, and ultimately, flight delays or cancellations.

Ensure data quality through integration

An up-to-date and precise data stream is the foundation of applications like OffBlock. As a central hub for managing critical data, Leon ensures high levels of efficiency for multiple operators. Integration with Leon is essential for optimal performance, as it allows crew members to export their rosters directly from Leon to OffBlock. This ensures that the data visible to crew members is accurate, including the history of updates and changes. Exporting data is also easy and convenient, reducing workload and eliminating errors due to incorrect data entry during duplication.

About OffBlock

OffBlock, headquartered in Crailsheim, Germany, has created a unified platform that seamlessly aggregates all the necessary tools and information for flight crews. From interactive rosters and automated pilot logbooks to roster sharing among colleagues and with family and friends, instant messaging, and layover information. OffBlock consolidates these features into one user-friendly and seamless app. The company believes in providing not just a solution but a transformative experience for individuals as well as entire organisations.

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