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12 Jan 2021

Best features coming soon to Leon

We kick off a new year with a rundown of features we will be adding to Leon soon. These features are designed to streamline business functions and provide more convenience to our clients working within Leon. We want users to have their tasks sped up with fewer clicks and work flexibility the way they want. The improved interface will also speed up new user onboarding to our software.

 We believe in improving continuously, so let us look at what we have in store for you.

Creating hotel reservations

For your convenience, you will be able to create requests for hotel accommodation from your crew timeline. Since you will not need to leave the timeline view, you will have fewer steps to do the task of requesting a hotel reservation. Thus simplifying the process and saving you some time.

We have enabled setting up preferred suppliers, we will give you the ability to send hotel requests upon trip confirmation. Removing yet another step in planning layovers.  

Flexible passenger manifests

We are all-in for preventing headaches when doing last-minute paperwork which tends to be of the highest importance. Hence, we will be adding the option to confirm passengers that are boarding from the CREW app. 

As your flight crew are most aware, they can confirm who gets on the aircraft and who doesn't. There are many reasons for a passenger not arriving for a flight. In some cases, new passengers arrive for the flight. It is critical to assess the passenger and if they will be allowed to board or if you need to suspend the flight. The app enables the submission of documentation for the border control as passengers are confirmed. Thus, avoiding any unnecessary penalties due to late documentation and you have now an accurate list of who is on the flight.

Another reason to have an up-to-date manifest is that in the event of an emergency. You are required, by law, to have a list of people on the flight. Any inaccuracies can cause issues for the operator of the aircraft. 

Streamline notifications to crew roster 

Getting your teams all the information they need and making sure they internalise it - is critical to all operations. It is more important as timetables can get moved around and last-minute requests cannot get lost in the last-minute rush. 

To streamline the notification process for the crew in the app, we will be changing how they review notifications. We will be pushing messages which will need to be confirmed by all members of the crew. You will be able to track who has not read a critical notification and therefore see if there needs to be a follow-up. This should ensure that teams function as one informed crew with less information being 'lost'.  

Additionally, notifications will be pushed on mobile devices from the app.

All-new SALES app

An important aspect of any operation is the sales and the ability to do quotes. The new SALES app will ensure you can do quotes anywhere and with the same functionality as the sales module in Leon on the desktop. The sales app will be a fully-mobile version of our sales module.

We are releasing our SALES app this January. It is ready and will be on the apple store and play store as soon as possible. 

Supercharging the Owner app

We are adding more functionality in the app for the Owner App. It is designed exclusively to meet the needs of aircraft owners who leave the management process and other operational aspects of the aircraft ownership to the third parties.

We are adding the ability to add and edit the passengers' list of requested quotes. We are also going to add the possibility of exchanging messages between the operator and the owner app user. Thus bringing more control to the owner of the aircraft if they need to contact the operator. 

Automating fleet for airlines

If you are managing larger fleets you will be able to automatically assign available aircraft. Usually, when creating a trip you need to assign aircraft and crew. In this new feature, you will get an aircraft assigned from available aircraft that fits the trip requirements. This will be most useful for airlines and operators with many aircraft.
Another feature which should also appear soon is that generation of ferry flights. Once the aircraft has completed a journey it needs to travel to home base. The flight can also be flying for maintenance, repair or other operational reasons.

Multi-leg trip requests

We have also started working on a module for sending requests for multiple legs. It will be a new module that will enable better coordination and tracking of requests sent to and from many suppliers. It will send fewer sourcing requests for multiple sectors to preferred suppliers. This will reduce the number of messages between operators and suppliers, and therefore benefit everybody with less admin and fewer inbox messages. 

These kinds of trips are very complicated to put together. There are many moving parts, but we believe this is the right time for our system to take on this challenge. It will be a great pleasure to present this feature to you by mid-year.

We deliver improvement and features on a continuous basis (See our updates centre here). We are looking towards to give you a full range of features in our aircraft scheduling and quotation software.

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