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11 Feb 2021

Working together towards excellence: Jet Management Geneva and Leon

When it comes to keeping your business growing smoothly, you must choose the right kind of partners. You want to partner with creative companies which have long time viability, are leaders in their fields, have a clear vision, and are reliable. Here we take a look at Jet Management Geneva (JMG) which has been using Leon for two years now and is happy to continue with Leon as they expand their operations in 2021. 

All about Jet Management Geneva

Jet Management Geneva (JMG) provides bespoke solutions to private and business aviation representing Jet Management Group together with Jet Management San Marino and approved as a commercial and non-commercial carrier.

The business goes beyond complete package operator functions, it includes supervision of aircraft operations under management from other operators and a variety of direct services directly to the Owners and the crew fulfilling their every single need that ensures unique customer experience that is the major goal of the business.

Their striving for excellence drove the business ultimately to find Leon, the software which prevents human errors, unforeseen circumstances, and can minimise any impact on the service delivery to clients. The selected system allows them to check and confirm that slots are booked on time, airport parking is confirmed, transportation for clients is available and much more. Services like the limousine fleet can be managed in the operational schedule within Leon.

Starting with Leon

The previous software that they used was changing its architecture and that resulted in a search for alternatives on the market. Something which could match or perform better than what they had. Leon was recommended by one of the partners which had the pleasure of testing it themselves. The partner recommended that they investigate if it would fit their company needs. Leon was contacted and a 30-day trial period was given. During that time JMG was able to investigate if the software makes the grade and see what from a developmental point of view was needed. They also were able to add aircraft and personnel into the software and simulate a real-world operation. Leon turned out to perform well while other required features were planned to be developed.

The main concern was to address the import of all historical data from the previous system respecting high standards of protection and confidentiality of sensitive information.

Other key factors that contributed in favour of Leon were that the price structure offered the benefit of free upgrades in the future and the cost of training was also included. The upgrades get rolled out continuously and clients don’t need to wait too long to see the features they desire. In the end, a plethora of features could be on a wish list and could be delivered shortly for them. A plus is that the software also allows facilitating small and medium operations not only focusing on charter sales but a wide range of business activities such as legal and operational compliance.  

Leon onboarding

According to Dimitri Brosse, Ground Operations and Security Manager at JMG, once the historical flight data was imported into Leon and the rest of the onboarding process went quickly. Since the user interface is straightforward and training is included in the cost of the license, the onboarding was a breeze. The company was under time constraints to migrate onto the new system as soon as possible. Which Leon team managed in its stride. 

Working together

Jet Management Geneva started using Leon in early 2019. The idea was to make the new system as the main tool across different departments in the company. It turned out that Leon was a very flexible solution since Leon’s API allowed data to be used between various separate systems. This meant that the team at Leon had to step up to the challenge and look closely at JMG's needs.

This resulted in a collaboration over sometime where features were added that made it central to operational, financial and other departments. Leon now handles most aspects of commercial, private and sub-charter operations. It became used by every department in the company.

Ultimately, the success of rolling out features for one client results in them being useful to other users. The delivery of new functions was rolled out in increments with the highest priority first and within agreed timelines. Leon's approach was done with realistic timelines for development thus building trust.

Critical features delivered

Over time, several useful features were added to the system that made work faster and more efficient. For instance, the history of sub-charter aircraft results in no more manual data input which in turn speeds up access to up-to-date information. Airport directory notes can now be used to remember important information about operations at airports.  Comprehensive reports for audits and aircraft owners can be custom built and delivered to them in no time.

Other features that were added included the possibility of different passenger and crew passports on arrival and departure, encryption of data on servers, fuel stop suggestions with a map with categorised airports, exporting reports in portable document format, improvement to sales panel with the ability to change departure times, flight durations, and block times. Databases of sub-charters were made available. Various improvements to the crew calendar were also added.

2021 and future cooperation

By the year 2021 Leon system has been well-integrated throughout Jet management Group operational activities proving itself. It contributes to high standards of data accuracy and reliability.

However, the more the system is in use the more ideas come up how to implement even more improvements making certain things more featured or complete. Every approach of JMG for a modification is always met with interest in willingness to explore even more toward excellence.

As a complete tool by now, the present status of the software allows welcoming any new aircraft with an efficient integration process leading to smooth operations.

If you would like to know more about the experience of Jet Management Geneva and Jet Management San Marino, please contact following email:


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