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17 Feb 2021

Fly the Central and South Pacific with Nauru Airlines

For over half a century, Nauru Airlines has been flying passenger, cargo, and charter flights in Central and South Pacific. This beautiful region is home to many friendly island nations and inviting for tourists and business travellers alike. They are also users of Leon and we are proud to have them on board.

We have a brief look at how they are successfully running their services and explore future opportunities.

A bit of flying history

Nauru Airlines has been flying the Central and South Pacific for over 50 years serving the various communities, businesses, and governments for their travel, trade and communication needs. It has transformed into a private airline in recent years; and has become an efficient carrier with a streamlined mission and business model.

They have made it through 2020 and are going into 2021 in a strong business position. The company outright owns all their planes; with no leases and no loans on the aircraft. Their Boeing fleet is a bit older, but some aircraft have undergone retrofits to align with the present needs. They have added additional cargo capacity to the fleet on top of the already established cargo routes.

Inviting you to Nauru and other islands

Nauru Airlines currently offers air links between Australia and Nauru, with connections to Kiribati, Marshall Islands and Fiji. The services include regular flights with additional cargo and charter flights.

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If you wish to fly to this part of the Pacific, your best choice is getting a flight with Nauru Airlines. Just be mindful to check when the flights occur since most flights are usually weekly. 

Due to air travel expanding in recent years, the South Pacific has become very accessible. Just remember to get a visa and book a good hotel in advance. The main activities on these islands besides sitting on the beaches include hiking, diving, snorkelling, and much more.

Going forward into 2021

There has been very careful management and restrictions, therefore Nauru and many other countries in the Pacific are Covid free, whilst other countries around the world are not. The impact on passenger carriers has been massive in the region. Nauru Airlines has converted two of their passenger Boeings into freighter aircraft to meet the cargo demands of the Pacific Islands. One aircraft conversion is complete and about to enter service, the other is currently in Miami Florida, United States undergoing the refit. Another passenger plane had gone through refurbishment to improve passenger comfort. This time of pandemic is used productively.

There is a lot of space to innovate within their part of the world. They have a head start with passenger and cargo operations to the islands.  Most of their flights included seat packs that made it possible to carry cargo. 

Currently, the challenges include mandatory quarantine requirements for the crew, personnel and passengers. Also, a drop in travel from Europe and other parts of the world is a challenge. 

As the global pandemic eases and travel restrictions are lifted, the hope is that more people travel to visit Nauru and other Pacific islands.

If you wish to fly to the Central and South Pacific, Nauru Airlines has many connections for you. For more information, you can visit Nauru Airlines' website at

*images courtesy of Nauru Airlines.


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