Catch-a-Jet requiers no membership or registration is required for the users, neither do they have to pay any fees and the app will work on all iOS- and Android devices. Users can pay with a credit card, PayPal or use most European online bank methods.

Users of Catch-a-Jet can easily search unlimited for desired city pairs. In case of a match, the user will receive a push notification. In case the exact route is not available the app will search for alternative flights. End users can search for all departing flights for any selected city. The app will also automatically search for return flights based on the original route. 

For operators there are no fees for listing your empty leg flights on the app, there is only a commission to be paid when the flight is booked and paid. The LEON API has been integrated into the app; therefore flights can be added to the app fully automatically. The price, amenities, number of available seats, pictures and the flight schedule will be displayed in Leon.

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