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21 Jun 2022

Integration with MySky in Leon Sales Module

There is no development in our industry without close cooperation and constant data analysis. That’s why Leon Software has joined forces with MySky to implement a solution that will bring a huge advantage for flight planning and financial management.

Integration with MySky in Leon Sales Module

Established in 2015, MySky’s leadership team has roots in both the aviation and private banking sectors and shared a core idea of providing a powerful financial management software solution for business aviation. 

"From the beginning, our main goal was to create a tool that provides transparency and efficiency in the financial field for the business aviation sector", says co-founder Christopher Marich.

After years of processing countless amounts of financial data, MySky’s expert status within the financial side of business aviation has been hard earned and grants the company and its customers a rare insight into value transparency and cost prediction. 

Predictive software is what defines MySky products and it’s a huge advantage for developing flight plans, particularly for larger scale operators.

"As we make further progress in Leon's development, we are looking for tools that stem from substantial experience when it comes to data gathering, and MySky is top of class in this regard," says Paweł Szmagaj, CTO at Leon Software. 

MySky Spend, Budget & Quote

Three products create a solution that provide a greater value when working together. The first, MySky Spend, introduces financial transparency tools which allow clients to control all the financial spending of their aircraft in one place. The second, MySky Budget, is predictive software that estimates the total running costs of operating and maintaining an aircraft to help assure its profitability. The third, and perhaps the most impressive - MySky Quote - is also a predictive software that helps optimizes the efficiency of business aviation operators and owners, providing an estimate of the cost of a planned flight by predicting airport fees, FBO fees, fuel uplift, navigation charges and local taxes with 96% accuracy in less than 10 seconds.

Leon’s integration with MySky means the two software systems are synced through a secure API that allows customers to access the added financial management capabilities from MySky in an easy and convenient way. 

Data-driven software solution

Harnessing data is key to successful fleet operation in present-day business aviation. Using years of prior invoicing and cost data and machine learning, MySky has successfully developed a data-driven approach for owners and operators to equip the industry with the tools needed become more competitive. 

To help keep a real-time knowledge of global prices, taxes or inflation, MySky has over 100 employees across New York, Dubai and Geneva. These consultants are in constant communication with airports, fuel suppliers, and handling companies while constantly updating MySky’s algorithms with the latest data. 

MySky & Leon

The integration of Leon and MySky Quote is a cutting-edge solution in the aviation market. With MySky technology that allows forecasting the cost of the flight, and Leon Software together, the sky is no longer the limit.

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