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26 Feb 2024

Click Aviation Network Integration with Leon Software

Click Aviation Network provides a full range of aviation services, from planning to execution to post-flight support. Now, managing these services has become even easier thanks to the seamless integration and automated data exchange between Omega, Click Aviation Network's platform, and Leon Software. The integration streamlines the entire process, reducing workload and ensuring data exchange.

Click Aviation

The comprehensive one-stop-shop connected with Leon

Click Omega serves as a gateway through which charter brokers, operators and suppliers can share resources, explore opportunities and increase operational efficiency. It enables the management of various services required for all flight-related needs, such as ground handling, permit processing, weather analysis, fuel arrangements, catering or security services.

As a flight management software, Leon Software keeps all your flight data in one place, easy to store, maintain and manage. It allows you to keep track of all schedule and crew changes and it's the central source of information. Integration with Click Omega allows you to exchange critical data to find any additional services needed based on flight information already entered into Leon.

Simplified Communication

One of the most significant benefits of the integration is the simplified communication between clients and Click Aviation's Operation Control Center (OCC). Previously, clients had to send multiple emails to convey their requests, which could lead to misunderstandings or delays. However, with the integration of Leon software into Click Aviation's Omega system, the service application process becomes remarkably easy to manage.

Now, all the details of a client's request are automatically fed into the system, reducing the need for extensive communication. Clients can make their requests through Leon, and the OCC team will receive and process them efficiently. This results in less back-and-forth communication and allows clients to receive more comprehensive information in return.

Real-Time Updates

Through the integration, clients can stay up-to-date with the status of their requested services in real-time. As the OCC team receives and confirms the requested services, the Leon software automatically updates the progress step-by-step. This transparency ensures that clients are continuously informed about the progress of their services, helping them plan their operations more effectively.

Customizable Notes and Care

The integration also allows for personalized and customizable notes to be added by the client. These notes can include specific preferences or requirements that the OCC team will carefully attend to. Click Aviation takes pride in its customer-centric approach, and this feature enables the team to provide tailored services, catering to the unique needs of each client.

By making communication smoother and automatically updating services, operators and clients can enjoy improved efficiency, lighter workload, and greater satisfaction.

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