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17 Jun 2024

Digitize your pilot's logbook with My Pilot Log and Leon

Leon Software, a Flight Management software integrates with My Pilot Log, a Multi-Platform Pilot Logbook software. Integration with My Pilot Log seamlessly allows pilots to keep their personal pilot logbooks up to date. 

Leon's integration with My Pilot Log

How to Improve your Pilot Logbook Management?

My Pilot Log significantly enhances pilot logging by offering a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use digital logbook. Available via web and mobile apps, it provides offline functionality and automatic synchronisation, making it convenient for pilots to track and organise their logbooks on the go. Pilots can add flights and simulator sessions, tags, input multiple approaches, expenses, pictures, and even add signatures to PDF reports. 

The customizable table view, and fully customizable PDF reports allows pilots to compare digital and physical logbooks, replicating the layout of traditional logbooks, including examiner comments and endorsements. My Pilot Log's advanced filtering capabilities and customizable professional PDF reports, compliant with EASA, FAA, UKCAA, CASA, TCCA, NZ CAA, and ICAO standards, make it easier to manage and present flight records for regulatory compliance and job applications.

With custom tagging features, pilots can track any required flight times and add these tags to custom PDF reports. This allows them to create fully customised PDF reports, laid out exactly as desired.

In addition, the platform's ability to track FTL’s, licences, currency, ratings, and medicals with advance notifications, helps pilots keep track of currency and legal requirements. With features such as interactive flight tracking maps and digital signatures for self-certification, My Pilot Log ensures pilots can maintain accurate, up-to-date pilot logbooks.

Import flown flights from Leon to My Pilot Log

Leon is the heart of digital flight operations management, centralising and streamlining the documentation process for aviation companies. Now, with the integration of My Pilot Log, pilots can easily and securely import data from Leon directly into their personal logbooks. Leon already contains all the necessary data, so pilots are just a few clicks away from using it. This integration eliminates the need for a pilot to manually update their pilot logbooks.

Data import from Leon to My Pilot Log can be done via the website and mobile apps and contains only the specific information pilots need to complete their logbooks. This not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of errors associated with manual data entry. By using Leon and My Pilot Log together, pilots can maintain accurate and up-to-date flight records with minimal effort.

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