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10 Jun 2024

World’s leading Air Ambulance Operator, Redstar Aviation Uses Leon for Medevac Missions

Redstar Aviation, a pioneer in global medical aviation since 1989, has enhanced its operational efficiency by implementing Leon software. This move optimizes the management of its diverse air ambulance fleet, including Bombardier Learjet 45 XRs and Challenger 605s, ensuring streamlined scheduling, maintenance, and crew management for its critical missions worldwide.

Aviation Software - Air Ambulance Operator Redstar Aviation uses Leon Software

24/7 Air Ambulance Operations

Redstar conducts air ambulance operations around the clock, 365 days a year, on every continent, including conflict-ridden areas such as Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Operating in these challenging environments demands exceptional logistical capabilities due to limited infrastructure and resources, alongside significant concerns for the safety and welfare of both crew and assets. The company's significant contributions to the field have been recognized with prestigious awards such as the ITIJ Air Ambulance Company of the Year and IAG Quality Awards, which celebrate its extensive and impactful operations.

Inside Redstar Aviation's Fleet: Tailored Aircraft for Advanced Medevac Operations

Redstar Aviation operates a meticulously selected fleet of aircraft tailored for air ambulance services, featuring Bombardier Learjet 45XRs and Challenger 605s at its core. These aircraft are renowned within the industry for their operational capabilities and reliability, meeting and exceeding client expectations.

The Learjet 45s are equipped with dual ICU stretchers and optimized for cost-effectiveness on mid to long-distance missions, making them ideal for various medical emergencies. In contrast, the Challenger 605 jets boast extended range and spacious stand-up cabins that can accommodate up to three patients and their companions. The Challenger’s cabin is the widest in its class, providing a comfortable setting for patients and medical personnel and allowing for the operation of specialized medical equipment like isolation units and ECMO devices crucial for long-range, critical medevac missions.

Redstar Aviation’s fleet also includes Leonardo AW139 helicopters, versatile twin-engine aircraft used for both offshore and onshore logistics. These helicopters can carry up to 15 passengers or configure 1-4 stretchers for emergency medical services, handling tasks ranging from medical evacuations to personnel transport.

In response to the growing needs of its international clients, Redstar Aviation has recently expanded its fleet with the addition of a 5th Learjet 45 XR and a 4th Challenger 605. These additions are part of the company's strategy to enhance global reach and service capacity, with specialized in-house medical team and state-of-the-art medical equipment on board. Presently, the fleet comprises nine fixed-wing aircraft. Redstar Aviation plans further sustainable fleet expansion to provide broader coverage and optimized availability for clients, aligning with its vision for continuous growth and enhanced service delivery.

A key aspect of Redstar Aviation 's operations is its in-house multilingual alarm center, staffed with medical professionals and operations experts. This facility is central to Redstar Aviation 's commitment to high aviation and medical standards, contributing to its accreditation by the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) for Fixed Wing Air Ambulance services, a unique status in Türkiye.

Leon Software: Flexible and Reliable Support for Air Ambulance

The integration of Leon software into Redstar Aviation’s operations has improved efficiency, particularly in scheduling and managing medical evacuation flights. Leon offers comprehensive solutions for crew management, maintenance tracking, and operational automation. Given the inherent complexities of fleet management and air operations, especially in critical medical services, such enhancements are vitally important. 

Recognizing the importance of sophisticated software in streamlining operations, Redstar Aviation selected Leon for its flexibility and robust capabilities. Leon's features meet the nuanced needs of air ambulance services, enhancing workflow and response times. This adaptability ensures that Redstar Aviation maintains high service standards across all operations. 

Redstar Aviation Accomplishing the Most Challenging Missions 

Redstar Aviation’s operational scope includes flights to over 400 different airports, emphasizing its extensive reach and the strategic advantage of its Istanbul base for global operations. Redstar Aviation has demonstrated capability in conducting complex medical evacuations, including from conflict zones and during challenging conditions like the COVID-19 pandemic. Its experience is highlighted by notable missions, such as a 26-hour flight from Bagram, Afghanistan, to Houston, USA, and a long-distance ECMO transport from the UAE to Pennsylvania, USA. These operations underscore the company's logistical and medical expertise.

The pandemic posed significant challenges to the aviation and medical evacuation sectors. Redstar Aviation adapted by developing innovative solutions to meet changing client needs, maintaining its growth trajectory during this period. With a foundation stretching back to 1989, Redstar Aviation has leveraged its experience to enhance its service offerings, including fleet expansion, maintenance capabilities, and operational support, supported by technological advancements like Leon Software for improved management and efficiency.

About Redstar Aviation

Redstar Aviation, established as Türkiye's first air ambulance company, initially operated with just a single propeller plane. Over the years, it has evolved into a major force in the global air ambulance and medical evacuation industry, servicing a wide geographic area that spans Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, and Australia. Additionally, Redstar Aviation offers an extensive range of services including aircraft maintenance, design, and production. Under the umbrella of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services, it provides support for parts and tools. The company also offers medical escort and air taxi services, alongside Type Rating Courses for pilots and 147 Type Training in Maintenance, enhancing its comprehensive approach to aviation services.

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