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03 Jun 2024

Simplified access to Apogee services via integration with Leon Software

Apogee International Trip Support is now integrated with Leon Software, a Flight Management Software.


New capabilities with Apogee

Apogee International Trip Support enhances carrier operations through its diverse range of services. With its ground handling support, Apogee ensures seamless operations on the ground, offering services such as customs clearance, PPR/SLOTS coordination, urgent visa arrangements, crew logistics, and catering, backed by a dedicated staff presence in the CIS, East Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Furthermore, Apogee's fueling service provides competitive rates globally, thanks to its numerous contracts with direct suppliers and local representatives, and its capacity to manage high volume transactions for better pricing. 

In terms of permits, Apogee boasts a high success rate in obtaining both landing and overfly permits, achieving a 95% coverage worldwide for all flight types. That's where the integrations come in. Leon Software serves as the central engine for flight management, expanding its capabilities with each new integration and giving users access to a wide range of aviation services. Allowing Apogee customers to control their cases through Leon checklist which translates to a faster info accessibility.

Making trip support request via Leon Software

The integration of Apogee with Leon Software has greatly simplified this process. Private carriers can now effortlessly initiate these requests directly through Leon Software's dedicated extension, bypassing the cumbersome steps previously required. This seamless integration not only saves time, but also ensures accuracy and efficiency, allowing private carriers to operate more smoothly.

About Apogee

Founded in 2008, Apogee International Trip Support is an operational control center in the CIS region, offering a comprehensive range of services including ground support, flight planning, permit applications and fueling. Initially focused on the CIS and South Asia, Apogee has since expanded its reach to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, providing global coverage. With an impressive history of servicing over 182,000 flights in 147 countries and 3,156 airports, and a 95% success rate in obtaining direct permits from the Civil Aviation Authority, Apogee has established itself as a reliable and efficient partner in international travel support.

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