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08 Jun 2021

Empowering Flight Documents with the built-in Leon data

The customization lies at the very core of any modern business and while its aspect changes all the time, one thing remains - a greatly improved command over one’s area of expertise.

Empowering Flight Documents with the built-in Leon data

When developing Leon, we have focused on giving this power to the people as early as possible and it resulted in a much better user experience for everyone. With a huge demand for personalized flight documentation among our community, it was also one of the main reasons for us to create another toolset for customization, in the form of Documents Manager.

The utility of Documents Manager shines brightly especially when considering its vast usage in communication with a client, however Leon users can take advantage of its capabilities to customize nearly any document on either Sales or OPS side, or even create completely new ones, fitting their business and operational needs.

Setting up your document templates

We like to consider Documents Manager a bit more advanced tool in our wide array of solutions for aviation. In order to use it more efficiently, a basic knowledge of html language and CSS styles is recommended. Even without the IT experience, Leon users can easily change the static elements within a template (such as labels, or descriptions not affected directly by the trip data), as well as try modifying parts of existing template layouts (including styles of fonts and other elements). 

The true potential of the toolset though can be unlocked with just a little bit of understanding of technologies used. With those assets at hand, it is possible to customize your Sales and OPS documentation from start to finish and empower it with all the data you already have in Leon. By using the Twig’s engine, we have implemented a flexible way of managing the documentation, including the relevant dynamic trip data within the created template. As Twig’s syntax is precise and easy to learn, it also provides users with a lot of control over the output.

news documentsManager twig

Implementing conditions using Twig's syntax. In the example, document will show client's name only if there is a client selected for the given trip in Leon. 

The interface of Documents Manager can be divided into three distinct panels. In the text editor, a structure of a template is created on a basis of available data. Apart from the given static data, a template can be enriched with dynamic data relevant to the trip, the extent of which allows users to provide the most complete flight information on a document. The settings panel lists the data structure for the trip, as well as allows uploading external images and modifying a number of page settings. Finally, the outcome of implemented changes can be verified in the third preview panel. For each type of document, different versions can be created, providing easier management over the documentation and introduction of separate language versions, or templates suitable for specific market purposes.

news documentManager example3

Editing a Charter Agreement template in Documents Manager 

In order to make Documents Manager even more powerful, we have recently updated default templates for most of sales documents, introducing at the same time some very useful features that extend the amount of information available in any given document. With an easy to use html code, it is now possible to enhance your Flight Quotation, or Charter Agreement documents with photos of particular aircraft, as well as with maps showing the particular route. Your Sales team can then send the requested offer with just a few clicks, directly from Leon. On the other hand, your OPS team will definitely enjoy an option of adding additional PDF documents from the checklist to Crew Tripsheet, speeding up the whole process tremendously.

Additional assistance and more advanced customizations

The subscription of Leon comes with a large number of default document templates that already covers a standard documentation workflow for business and charter operators. However, as we are aware that having a properly personalized communication with the client base is a must, we invite you to explore features Documents Manager offers. Should you encounter any drawbacks in the process, or the scope of required customizations exceeds the built-in functionality of the toolset, our team is always available to provide assistance.

Looking for detailed information about Leon’s Documents Manager? Go ahead and visit our Online Wiki for more tips and tricks regarding its practical use.

Not yet a member of the Leon community? Contact our Sales team to ask for a demo and find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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