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22 Jun 2021

Calculating Flight Time with Leon

Accurate flight times are one of cornerstones of cutting-edge charter sales. Precise calculations give rise to an optimised pricing model, which on the other hand affects the commercial success more than anything else. Those are just basics we all know, yet as usual - the devil is in the details.

Flight Time Calculations

There is no one perfect solution to delivering a super accurate quotation. As weather conditions may vary, flight delays cannot be ruled out as well. However, we can still facilitate the process by introducing a number of tools that automate the calculations and speed up the sales pipeline quite a bit.

Historical Flight Times & Aircraft Performance Model

The first possible way of dealing with flight time calculations in Leon is probably the most straightforward one. On a basis of a selected aircraft type and the available data, you can estimate the flight time on a given route as an average of a minimum of 4 flights scheduled closest to the date of the flight. The provided outcome includes information about a number of flights taken into consideration, as well as a maximum deviation from the calculated time.

The algorithm takes into account all flight times available in Leon over the course of the last 4 years, using data from across all operators. Because of that, on very frequent routes the accuracy of calculations tends to increase significantly.

Flight Time Calculations

A screen showing four available types of Flight Time calculations for a particular route, based on four different algorithms.

Aircraft Performance Model is another option to calculate the flight time, many users are already quite familiar with. Introduced in 2019 in its advanced version as a part of a revamped fleet configuration in Leon, it provides a precise setting for each tail in the database, based on Great Circle Distance, winds dataset and speed profiles. It works great for both short range and long haul flights, estimating the flight time by employing different distance thresholds, with their specific distance and time data required for reaching the cruising altitude by an aircraft. For a more detailed overview of the advanced performance model, we have prepared another two articles dedicated to the subject - Calculate Fleet’s arrivals precisely with new Performance settings and Flight time calculations have been upgraded with new winds dataset.

Using the integrated data

If built-in solutions do not cover the scope of the quotation, you might consider taking an in-depth look at our two integrations that may provide even more accurate results by applying different factors. The accuracy of both Aviapages’ and RouteFinder’s dedicated tools is enhanced by taking into consideration their own precise aircraft performance models and potential airway distance, additionally affected by their winds datasets.

Some restrictions may apply when using integrated calculations as well. Due to airplanes’ distinct parameters, both integrations are required to support certain aircraft included in the calculation, with Aviapages and RouterFinder currently having over 100 aircraft types supported. With both integrations, you can also arbitrarily take into consideration possible exclusion zones.

In order to use Aviapages’ flight time calculations, Leon user should have an active subscription with Aviapages. However, the RouteFinder option currently does not require any additional subscriptions (other than Leon) and is available by default to every user. It is a great moment to test its viability in comparison with other potential options.

Wide range of options, better accuracy

Over the past two years we have put in a lot of commitment in Leon Sales, transforming it into a high-powered toolset for quote management. Another big asset right now is the versatility of having four flight time algorithms at your disposal, each one fitting needs of a sales department in its own way. Between paid add-ons (Aviapages and to a certain degree - RouteFinder), Leon’s historical times and Aircraft Performance model, everyone can set up their pricing scheme accordingly, efficiently using the available data and resources.

In order to get a quick glimpse of all possible variations, we have recently added a summary flight time, which is present at the bottom of each calculation, allowing easy access to a comparison between all four options. With each model, prices within the quote are automatically recalculated as soon as flight times are applied to the schedule - and that gives you even more time to polish your charter offer to perfection.

Not yet a member of the Leon community? Contact our Sales team to ask for a demo and find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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