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05 May 2021

Flight time calculations have been upgraded with new winds dataset

We have implemented a new winds dataset to increase the accuracy of flight time estimates within Leon. The new data will allow for more accurate calculations when planning operations or trips.

What has changed in the data for winds

NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory in the United States of America conducts research to improve the understanding and prediction of weather. They constantly update data for predicting winds across the world. This new winds dataset contains averages of wind velocities and direction which were collected over several decades. This data includes latitude, longitude, and atmospheric pressure at different altitudes. To read more about it you can visit the NOAA website.

news winds model

Grid of winds across Europe - (left) previous model was only based on latitude, and (right) the new model for improved wind prediction is based on real data. 

The data shows the monthly averages of wind velocities at different atmospheric pressures. The model can now estimate the wind conditions found at 30 000 ft (9.14 km).  It takes into account seasonal trends making it even more accurate and up-to-date.  

How this affects flight time estimates

When creating a new trip simply choose the option “calculated from GCD and winds”. The flight time of an aircraft is calculated based on the aircraft profile, the distances between two locations and prevailing winds. You can see in the example below showing the differences between the two flight times. The GCD calculation gives you an estimate based on the distance between two airports while the calculation with winds will give you the most accurate estimate including the winds dataset.

news winds example

Using the latest modelling

The benefit of this update gives you increased accuracy so you can estimate flight time better. This is important when planning related services such as catering or airport transfers. Better time management opens up the possibility of cost-cutting or greater client satisfaction. 

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