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14 May 2021

Announcing the White-Label Owner App

The White-label Owner App by Leon offers you the opportunity to showcase your services under your brilliant brand. Learn about the branded mobile application and how you can get it for your business aviation clients.

Why get the white-label owner app?

It enables you to brand the Leon Owner App as your own so you can provide a customised experience to your customers. This also delivers a streamlined system integration with almost all of the technical development done by Leon. All you need to have is access to an app store developer account so that you can make it available to your customers.

The application is designed for clients of business aviation operators who are the owners of the aircraft. Management of different ownership models is simple. This includes single as well as fractional ownership (where someone takes ownership of the aircraft for a limited time). 

The owners of the aircraft can make flight requests and bookings with the mobile app. This reduces the need for multiple phone call conversations thus resulting in a more efficient and accurate booking process. 

What features will it bring?

The app can be published for both iOS and Android. The functionality remains the same as Leon's Owner App (read here: Leon Owner App is now available for iOS and Android) while giving the end-users the correct tools and privileges that they need.

The following features are introduced: 

  • Your logo and company colour scheme customised across the application.
  • Users can request flight bookings using the app.
  • Additional notes can be added while requesting a flight.
  • The flight status of the fleet is shown.
  • The aircraft owner can view the trip history of his/her aircraft.
  • It gives the ability to create and edit passengers' profiles.
  • Download documents for owners and PAX.

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Benefits for aircraft owners

The owners of the aircraft can reserve flights even without the need to assign aircraft to a trip. This makes planning a trip easier for business operators where aircraft can be matched to the needs of the owner or availability.

Other benefits include the streamlined process of adding passengers, sending notes with requests and requesting documents.

How to get your white-label owner app?

To get your very own branded application simply contact our customer support or salesperson (email below). You will be guided through the implementation and requirements. You will also be assisted in the configuration of Google Play and the Apple AppStore. Just remember that you will need a developer account for Google Play and Apple App Store.

Contact us about the requirements or get more information by clicking here.


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