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26 May 2021

Scheduling solutions tailored for Aviation Start-ups

Despite an over a year long slowdown, a result of restrictions forced by the pandemic in 2020, the aviation business is consistently coming back to life. With an increased availability of personnel and aircraft as well as the cautiously optimistic general market sentiment, new aviation companies are emerging to grab a surprisingly large part of the market share.

Scheduling solutions tailored for Aviation Start-ups

While there are still many uncertainties, new airlines are determined to seize the opportunity available with gaps left by larger competitors. At the same time, smaller operators are getting ready for the incoming high season of 2021, which may prove extremely fruitful due to the remaining presence of certain restrictions in air traffic that business and charter aviation is able to tackle more efficiently.

Start-up companies can definitely benefit from the clean slate, which includes forging new partnerships and strategic decisions on the operational scale. As the flexibility such companies have is unparalleled, it gives them the opportunity to choose the right toolset from the word go.

Let us explore how Leon has been designed to reliably support organisations at the very beginning of their rise.

Low entry cost, fully scalable product

New companies should not overlook the importance of scalability when choosing their software ecosystem. Starting with just a few aircraft, the scale and scope of the business tend to skyrocket over a period of time, therefore it is wise to pick subscription services with a transparent model, without hidden costs and additional gimmicks.

Leon boasts a simple, straightforward subscription model, with no installation fees and a monthly per-aircraft fee (depending on MTOW), so start-up costs are only related to an active aircraft. With ongoing subscription come additional perks, such as super-responsive Customer Support and a free access to on-demand online training sessions for every Leon PRO user. Those can definitely come in handy, especially at the start of our journey together.

A comprehensive toolset for each department

Being a start-up does not necessarily mean that you are forced to use one piece of software for all your business activities. Having a number of built-in solutions for your Sales, Dispatch or Crew Planning teams definitely helps though, so does an easy access to roughly 40 integrations (a full list of which can be found here). Most of the aforementioned integrations can be tested during the free trial period of Leon, some of them even have their distinct trial offers for you to access to. With the growth of Leon API, the extent of available integrations increases with each day.

Business and charter operators will enjoy a fully-fledged Charter Sales functionality, aimed at fine-tuning the flight quotation workflow, as well as a robust OPS module, bursting with automations to speed up dispatcher’s everyday work. New airlines can manage their crew personnel efficiently and build their flight schedules with ease, using our Leon SCHED and crew management solutions. All types of businesses will benefit from features that boost the document and reporting workflows.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, obviously. More features are being implemented on a bi-weekly basis, including both extensive game-changers to the system's functionality, as well as smaller improvements, developed with customers’ expectations in mind.

30-day trial period to put your mind to rest

At Leon, we know that no matter how great the product may look in promotional materials and sales pitches, the true reality check comes in during the hands-on experience. We are aware of that, offering a risk-free 30 day trial for everyone, without any commitments during its course.

To jump-start the whole process, we gather the required data. During the trial setup, in order to efficiently facilitate the introduction of Leon, our team goes through leaps and bounds to provide the new client with a complete working data environment. Hence, users testing the trial will have access to the company’s relevant data, including fleet, users and FTLs. All subtle aspects of the operational activity are available on trial accounts from day one.

Having your crucial Operations Manual data implemented in Leon also greatly boosts your recognition among compliance authorities around the world - after all, Leon has been a staple in that area for a very long time.

A fair partner to cooperate with

When considering partnerships, new aviation companies may take into account the business scheme of their prospective partners. A direct approach to each customer is one of its most critical aspects. We always pride ourselves on our down-to-earth, fair approach to each client, as the best ideas for the future development of Leon come from our community itself. Embracing them and turning into live features is our way to say “thank you” to their originators.

On the other hand, avoiding negative aspects of the corporate mindset has allowed us to stay neutral with all major stakeholders in the aviation industry, thus focusing on delivering the best software possible, without any hidden agendas. We have stayed on this path for the last 15 years - and we plan to continue doing so infinitely. 

Not yet a member of the Leon community? Contact our Sales team to ask for a demo and find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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