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13 May 2020

Leon Owner App is now available for iOS and Android

Aircraft owners do not have to wait any longer. After months of preparations, we are finally making our new dedicated mobile application available for both iOS and Android users.

Leon Owner App

Introducing Leon Owner App

Leon Owner App is a mobile application designed exclusively to meet the needs of aircraft owners who leave the management process and other operational aspects of the aircraft ownership to the third parties.

With the new application, private jet owners get an easy access to the aircraft schedule, allowing them to request a flight and manage their bookings on the go, using the mobile phone. Adding owner’s bookings, modifying existing ones, or checking their status can be done via a new user-friendly mobile interface. Each flight created this way is available for further handling via Leon web platform.

The application can also be a very useful tool for your trusted aircraft brokers, allowing them to check the aircraft availability and add possible requests for quotation directly via app, without the need to contact the aircraft operator using other channels. In order to do so, they need to have an active Leon user account, created by your team.

Your feedback is most welcome

At Leon we pride ourselves on listening deeply to our customers’ expectations, providing scheduling solutions for roughly 200 aircraft operators worldwide,” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “This has also been the cornerstone for the development of our Owner App, enhancing it according to the needs of our community. We believe that such dedication can be a difference maker during challenges the industry goes through right now.”

The further development of Leon Owner App is still underway as we are looking into several new features, making it a robust, practical toolset for every aircraft owner. The extent of improvements depends largely on the feedback of our client base, thus our team is awaiting eagerly your opinions and suggestions. Contact us and let us know.



Leon Owner App is available for both iOS and Android devices via App Store and Google Play.

Find out more about the application, its features and the installation process at the Online Wiki or contact our Support team directly.

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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