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28 Apr 2020

Patience, empathy and knowledge – a day in the life of Tech Support

While we do not spare efforts in bringing you the latest tech insight on the development of Leon, there is still a lot to tell about other areas, in which our team strives to deliver the best scheduling experience. As no top-class software would be complete without being accessible and easy to use, we have dedicated this article to the unspoken heroes at Leon Customer Support. At the end of the day, it is them who make lives of everyone around a lot easier.

Leon Support


What makes a great support team?

How does the worldwide support throughout various contact channels works out for Leon users? We have asked some of our long-time partners about their experiences with contacting Leon Support. Here is what they have told us: 

"The customer support! The team is reactive, pleasant to talk to and open to any questions and suggestions.” 

Patrick Brunet, Ground Operation Manager, SKYFIRST

"What we would like to specifically point out are the unique solutions that LEON support offers (to each customer).” 

Daniela Flierl, CEO, AirGO

"I am happy as to this day we have always enjoyed excellent support whenever we need it.” 

Keith Moody, Director of Ground Operations, Voluxis

Even considering all the positive feedback from our clients, Tech Support is one of those teams that rarely get enough recognition. In reality though, the extent of role that Support fulfills is much larger than just handling incoming requests, as they touch upon different aspects of the development process and blend them together, providing a smooth communication between the client and the dev team.   Working in the frontlines as a first line of response, they possess some unique skills helping them to overcome daily challenges, troubleshoot, interact and deliver a feasible solution to the client base.

These skills do not only involve the perfect understanding of technology behind the software, or the ability to build relationships, alongside with other soft skills such as swiftness and precision. They require the talent to communicate, in fact, in two different languages. The Support staff understands business needs of each client and is able to translate them into the communication appropriate for the internal team (either management or product development). This only grows with time and the experience gained, hence members of the CS at Leon often pride themselves on their multi-year tenures. A very limited rotation on each particular job position works wonders as well.


A day in the life of Customer Support

"Bringing together distinct client requirements with the understanding of how the system works is definitely at the nub of each Support team’s agenda. There are days when patience, empathy and discipline go an even longer way than usually. But even then, it is just another day in the life for Leon Support.” 

Bartek Kamiński, Customer Support Manager, Leon Software

The role of Support is not limited just to the communication between each party involved. As the process of software development requires a number of other processes supplying and accompanying it, we know exactly how important role our Support plays in delivering each released version of Leon every two weeks.

The Support team addresses each and every customer case by facilitating the communication between the client and the team of developers, if they are not able to provide the adequate solution by themselves. Their daily routine is so much more than that though. The Support staff participates actively in the development of Leon, whether it be verifying the new code for any inconsistencies with client’s expectations during E2E testing, or gathering the data on the upcoming features and compiling them into release notes. We are still increasing the extent of Leon knowledge base, largely due to the ongoing effort provided by the Support. With each new feature delivered, Online Help Center ( is being updated with comprehensive explanations, available to everyone. Frequently added video guides and tutorials, showing the funcionality of Leon in detail, are also to the credit of the same department.

With up to ten new clients on board and even more testing Leon via free trials each month, Support team always has their hands full in regard to the onboarding procedures as well. This requires, among all, learning the specifics of each operator and implementing the operational restrictions, such as FTLs, to each particular account. As the online trainings are free for all Leon PRO users, the majority of customers can enjoy them without any limits - this also adds another position to the already busy Support schedule.

There are cases, where online trainings have their limitations, on which account Leon team is always ready to provide additional on-site visits. Those may require many days of training, depending on the scale of client’s operations and the number of participants. Direct contact, better understanding of each organization and much more time for an in-depth presentation of possible solutions are usually enough to make our team frequent flyers to even the most distant corners of the earth.


Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.

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