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21 Apr 2021

Lift-off of Heston Airlines

Leon has strategically positioned itself as a partner for upcoming and established operators that need easy to use scheduling software for managing their business aviation workflow. This includes keeping track of all planning and crew timelines as well as keeping all information in one place in the cloud.

Recently, we welcomed Heston Airlines to the Leon family. We also caught up with them to find out how they are using Leon and what is their business strategy. 

All about Heston Airlines

Heston Airlines is a European airline, specialising in full charter flights and ACMI wet/damp leases around the world. They are headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, with planned operations on Airbus 320 Aircraft starting from May 2021. Heston Airlines belongs to the Heston Aviation Group, which is a consolidated group of companies, focusing on aviation assets such as leasing, trading, maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

Heston Airline's goal is to develop into a “true partner of choice” for airlines and tour operators.

What customers can expect?

There are several key principles that they want to live by which customers can expect when choosing Heston Airlines. 

Firstly, fair pricing with excellent quality. The team at Heston Airlines works hard to keep costs low so that they can offer the best price for clients. Not only great prices for the service but a promise to deliver that service with excellent quality.

Secondly, offer flexibility in everything they do. They are determined to help customers to adapt to market conditions by quickly adding additional capacity and being reasonable on flight cancellations. Seeking to earn trust by being fast, responsive and always straightforward.

Thirdly, offer exceptional customer service. The crews are specially selected and thoroughly undergone a carefully designed training program to make sure every customer feels relaxed on flights. Additionally, managing to offer a complete tailor-made end-to-end service for your trip, ranging from the destination chosen, departure time, catering service and check-in. 

Finally, you are in the hands of an experienced team. They are an independent airline, led by aviation experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Why Leon?

“At first I had a concern about Leon’s capability to meet our needs as it is mostly used for business aviation. Surprisingly I was wrong as in the past few years Leon made lots of improvements in their scheduling and crewing modules. And now it can support charter or scheduled operator’s needs," states Martynas Reichertas, Head of OCC and Ground Operations of Heston Airlines.

He continues, "I was amazed at how flexible and simple the user interface is. With minimum training and basic knowledge, users can make multiple system modifications to meet their expectations, not even mentioning the fast and friendly customer support. To sum up, I have been working with various scheduling systems for the past 7 years and can attest that Leon brings the best price and quality ratio in today’s market!”

What partnering with Leon means?

For start-ups and business operators, it is important to choose the right software for their operational needs. According to Mr Martynas Reichertas, here are several factors that they looked at which helped them decide on Leon.

Leon has a very effective implementation process supported by a highly efficient support team that makes the implementation both simple and fast. Additionally, Leon has an easy-to-use help centre with online manual and video tutorials. 

A big plus is the great reporting system found in Leon as well as an easy and user-friendly interface. Finally, Leon is a cost-effective solution for start-up operators where you only pay for active aircraft.

It also helps that the team at Heston Airlines had worked on multiple scheduling platforms in the past. This resulted in some members of the team having previous experience working with Leon so the training went smoothly and with a smile.

For more information on Heston Airlines, please visit the company’s website

Heston Airlines is one of 260+ aviation companies using Leon for their operational excellence. Want to join them? Let us know by contacting our Sales team or by applying for a 30-day free trial.

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