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18 Sep 2023

Experience the extra mile with Exxaero

Exxaero was founded in 2013 and has grown from one aircraft to ten business jets under management. It's a multidisciplinary company, but specialised in aircraft charter. Exxaero's fleet flies all over the world, wherever its clients require. As the company celebrates its 10th anniversary, it plans to expand with more aircraft and customers.


Company with global aspirations

Exxaero comes from the Netherlands, which is a very small country, so one of the biggest challenges is to find customers not only within the domestic market, but also abroad. Aiming for success, the company has set its sights on a wide range of services.

Falcon 7X Interior Dining Table of Exxaero the Private Jet CompanyAll the services you need to fly around the world

With a diverse fleet of small, medium and large business jets, Exxaero can offer worldwide charter availability. The back office provides any additional services required - transportation, hotel accommodation or catering arrangements. With aircraft management, the company offers a tailor-made solution that ensures the client gets the most out of their time and investment. 

Exxaero recruits, hires, and trains highly qualified crew members. 24/7 crew availability allows customers to fly to their destination of choice at any time. In addition, Exxaero manages all the day-to-day details of the aircraft's personnel requirements. From payroll administration, regular training and annual checks to interim evaluations. With its own ATO, it provides or arranges all training required for its own fleet or for third parties.

With its own CAMO, Exxaero is responsible for scheduling maintenance, performing the required checks, complying with regulations and completing all necessary paperwork. By following the maintenance programs prescribed by the manufacturer and any changes in the regulations of the country in which the aircraft is registered, the company guarantees the highest level of quality control.

Falcon 7X PH IWS interior Couches with TV of Exxaero the Private Jet CompanyExxaero fleet

Exxaero currently operates the Falcon F7X; Falcon F900b and c; Falcon 900EX Easy; Hawker 700 and Premier 1. There is also PH-STB, which was refurbished and updated to the highest standards and returned to service at the end of last year. Depending on the customer, it is possible to quickly switch operations to another aircraft type. The average implementation time is 3 months.

Falcon 7X PH IWS exterior Exxaero the private jet company 1 Leon Software helps keep things organised

Exxaero was looking for an easy to use scheduling system. The focus had to be on the operational side. With the implementation of the new sales tool, Leon has become an easy to use all round planning tool for the company.

Leon Software provides an efficient, up-to-date view of Exxaero's fleet, crew and office staff, with a clear picture of flight status and documentation. It integrates several add-ons to provide external up-to-date data required to plan and execute flights. The Crew Endorsement tool for tracking crew training is also a great benefit. Exxaero appreciates Leon Software's ability to provide layout changes to make data required by EASA regulations accessible for interpretation and presentation.

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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