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11 Sep 2023

Learning more about carbon calculations and Sustainable Aviation Fuel use with Leon and SQUAKE

Today, addressing environmental challenges is becoming more and more important. All industries are being asked to integrate sustainable practices into their operations. As the demand for sustainable alternatives grows, airlines and aviation companies need reliable means to quantify their carbon emissions and take tangible steps towards reduction and compensation.


SQUAKE, a Berlin-based climate-tech company, offers a solution to understand the climate impact and carbon emissions associated with flight bookings. Thanks to the integration of their software into Leon, the data to calculate the environmental impact is now within reach. SQUAKE gives the airline industry a way to compensate emissions using Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Environmental impact data at your fingertips

Leon Software is the central data hub for all your bookings and operations. Within seconds you can gain significant insight into your business. With the integration of SQUAKE, Leon enables you to add sustainability on top of time and budget efficiency in your flight planning, operations, and decisions.

The integration is visible in Leon Software at the quote stage. As a customer, you simply need to register to activate SQUAKE as an add-on to your own Leon Software suite. This will allow you to see the estimated carbon emissions associated with a given request for quotation and offer the option to compensate for them, using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (short SAF) The costs for SAF are calculated based on the determined emissions and will be incorporated into your quotations as an additional item. In a nutshell, SQUAKE is enabling you to provide your clients with the SAF option starting today.

The very first step in this integration was taken by AirGO, one of Leon's customers. The company needed a comprehensive solution to assess the climate impact and carbon emissions associated with their flight bookings. SQUAKE was an excellent choice, and with its integration with Leon Software, AirGO gained connected data from both sources – all the information in one place. As a result, AirGO is able to make more informed decisions about flights and incorporate carbon emissions into its operational planning.


SQUAKE is the industry solution for sustainable travel and logistics - fast, scalable and secure. The SQUAKE Solution Suite is live with industry leaders from several travel and logistics segments, and  performs accurate carbon calculations for all types of activities (e.g. air, road, sea, accommodation,...) according to national and international standards. 

Furthermore, it automates carbon reductions and/or compensations along the supply chain, from supplier selection (SAF, DAC, ecological restoration...) to inventory management, invoicing and credit retirement.

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