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04 Sep 2023

Manage your expenses easily with Leon and aviXpense

The integration between aviXpense and Leon provides fast and secure access to essential cost information by processing and managing all tasks related to travel expense, outlay, allowance and receipt management.


Through the utilization of this application, crews can effortlessly and promptly submit all their expenses in the correct format, accompanied by all the necessary receipts, from any location around the globe. The expedited processing of all expenses and travel allowances not only enhances the convenience for crew members but also streamlines operations for the accounts department. Moreover, there is the potential to lower processing costs, while management maintains a complete overview.

How much exactly is it?

What does a single flight cost us? and most important part how to clearly track your crew expenses?

To answer these questions, private jet operators have to analyze a lot of data, including all the receipts sent in by crews, all the extra expenses that sometimes aren't reported at all due to missing or incomplete documentation. It's part of every day's work, but still not so easy to achieve.

There's an app for that

aviXpense provides a solution for many challenges. It consolidates invoice and receipt management into one app, making things easier. Often, the use of small paper receipts can lead to them being lost or forgotten. This causes problems for crew members tracking expenses, accounting departments collecting documents, and managers trying to determine the full flight cost, including travel expenses and allowances.

With the aviXpense app on your mobile phone, all you have to do is take a picture of a document and add it to the system. 

Collecting receipts and filling out Excel tables are now a thing of the past. aviXpense simplifies settlement and expense reimbursement, accelerates workflows, eliminates errors and makes your expense accounting more transparent. Expenses in foreign currencies are of course booked at the relevant daily exchange rate.

Missing receipts can be added by an accountant, duplicate receipts can be deleted, and there's a clear division between receipts paid in advance and those waiting to be paid.

With Leon Software, you get to know more about your business

Since Leon Software is a center for all your flight data, you already know that it provides you with a great value of business overview. You'll always have access to critical information, and in minutes you'll be able to generate a comprehensive and clear report on your most important daily operations. The integration with aviXpense will enrich your knowledge of how much you spend on each flight, taking into account all costs.

Digitizing your operations does not just make them more transparent or save your employees time. Solutions like aviXpense take away the unpleasant and unpopular task of dealing with paperwork, as well as collecting and organizing documents and constantly thinking about not losing or shredding them. In other words, it takes the headache away and lets them focus on the right things.

About aviXpense

aviXpensethe All-in-One Travel & Expense Management Tool was developed to manage all tasks related to travel espenes, outlay, allowance and receipt management. Developed specially to reflect the needs of aviation companies.

aviXpense is available as an integration and a modular component of a growing number of flight operation software packages, including Leon Software.

The app was developed in collaboration with clients and partners in order to manage the actual and daily expense management tasks common in the aviation sector. The company’s Austria-based team combines over 30 years of experience in the aviation and information technology industries.

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