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28 Aug 2023

How QCM Flight Support Wins Customers with Excellent Service and Leon Software

When it comes to Flight Operations, building trust and fostering close client relationships are essential to both attracting and retaining customers. Effective communication is crucial for flight dispatchers to excel in their roles. The Flight Dispatch & Operations team at Q.C.M. quality control management AG (QCM) have managed to differentiate themselves by providing excellent customer support, enhanced further by the way they use Leon Software.

QCM flight support

The Great Value of Customer Trust

QCM’s Dispatch team specializes in providing comprehensive flight operations support to airlines and aviation operators worldwide. The wide range of services they offer encompasses all tasks which are critical to ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of flight operations. This includes dispatch services, crew scheduling, flight planning, performance analysis, and much more.

The QCM team places a high value on customer relationships, which can sometimes be challenging to maintain. While the various roles and responsibilities of a flight dispatcher are very important, their exact tasks are not always clear to everyone. If not properly managed, this unawareness can lead to potential misunderstandings and cause friction between flight dispatch teams and their customers, ultimately creating discomfort on both sides.

To achieve the exceptional trust they have with their customers, QCM prioritises creating and maintaining long-term relationships between dispatchers and customers’ flight crews. To do this, dispatchers are scheduled to work with the same customers on a regular basis, enabling them to build strong connections with the pilots and other crew members as though they are part of the team, rather than anonymous support figures.

The impact of working in real time in Leon

Another key element to building trust with customers is transparency, which Leon Software helps to facilitate. Thanks to Leon's automated data updates, when a dispatcher enters key information into Leon, all relevant parties involved in the flight operation can access the data and view the changes in real-time. This allows customers to see first-hand the work which is being completed by the QCM dispatcher on their behalf. The ability to see the work of the Dispatch support team in real-time greatly improves transparency, consequently strengthening the customer relationship, and fostering greater trust.

QCM's extensive customer base requires the use of multiple IT systems. However, when clients opt for Leon Software, the collaboration process between the Dispatch Team and the customer becomes remarkably streamlined. Leon stands out in several ways that make it a top-notch solution. Its functionality is vast and of high quality, ensuring optimal performance for users. 

Leon also has a dedicated support team available seven days a week to ensure smooth operation and efficient collaboration for companies using their software. Leon customers can easily contact the support team and receive prompt solutions to their problems, answers to their questions, and even customized solutions, if needed. 

Transparency in operations, transparency in costs

nother of Leon’s key benefits is its transparent pricing structure, which makes it easy to calculate the cost effectiveness of Leon. For QCM, which also provides a full range of consulting services for companies looking for the best flight management software, it is easy to introduce Leon with all its pros and cons. As a customer, QCM also has all the pricing information right from the start.

By partnering with Leon, QCM is able to provide its customers with exceptional customer service, real-time Leon dashboards that foster trust by showing details of QCM’s work, and, for some customers, Leon's transparent cost structures.

About Q.C.M. quality control management AG

Within the aviation industry, QCM has firmly established itself as a trusted leader in aviation support services including flight dispatch & operations, regulation and Part-147 training, consulting, design approvals, and aircraft technical management. Led by aviation professionals, their goal is to support our clients in the implementation of applicable aviation standards & requirements, and in the continuous compliance with them.

Since being founded in 1999, the company has diligently grown and evolved, adapting to the dynamic demands of the aviation sector. Throughout its journey, QCM has consistently upheld a strong commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and fostering enduring relationships with its clients.

What sets QCM apart is its unwavering focus on customer-centricity and personalized care. The company prioritizes building strong relationships with its clientele, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring solutions to suit their specific requirements. This approach has earned them a loyal customer base that values the transparency, reliability, and efficiency that QCM consistently delivers.

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