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25 Sep 2023

Streamlining Aviation Operations: Leon Software and FCG OPS Enhance Cooperation through Integration

Leon Software and FCG OPS continue to strengthen their partnership with enhanced integration.


By synchronizing the FCG ATOM IT platform with Leon Software, FBO and OCC customers have already experienced significant benefits. Now, with the new integration, we've created a number of very attractive options for another group of customers, such as trip support and ground handling companies.

Streamline operations with the right tools

Operating in a highly complex, regulated industry that demands extreme precision and processes large amounts of data requires the use of advanced IT tools. As a result, aviation companies often struggle with the use of multiple systems, leading to double data entry, potential errors, and a lack of real-time information. This situation hinders efficiency and can impact overall operations.

That's where the integrations come in. Leon Software serves as the central engine for flight management, expanding its capabilities with each new integration and giving users access to a wide range of aviation services. The integration with FCG OPS brings a host of benefits that streamline flight planning and support processes.

The next step towards optimizing the workflow

FCG ATOM combines functions of ERP, CRM, flight management, reporting and business analytics. The first integration between FCG ATOM and Leon Software was implemented in 2021 and enabled data synchronization. Both systems exchange information on flight plans, crew and passenger lists, departure and arrival times, CFMU slots and the status of each requested service.

Other significant benefits of the integration include a reduction in potential errors and seamless communication. It has been possible to eliminate duplicate activities, reduce clerical errors, but also to reduce the number of phone calls and e-mails between the parties involved. Real-time data exchange between the FCG ATOM and Leon systems facilitates communication between all parties involved in the flight planning process.

Growing customer needs drive new integration

The initial integration primarily benefited fixed-base operators (FBOs) and operations control centers (OCCs), which were eager to use all services for their flights. However, other customers looking for just selected, specific services, such as overflight permits or ground handling, also find a great value in FCG OPS's offering. To enhance their experience, a new integration between FCG ATOM and Leon Software has been released. 

This one is designed specifically to meet the needs of companies operating in trip support or ground handling business, allowing them to select and use only the services they currently require. This integration provides simplicity and flexibility, enabling customers to add specific services as needed.


FCG ATOM is a unique IT platform that incorporates the functionalities of ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), flight management, reporting and business analytics. The platform is successfully used by FCG OPS and its clients. The functionality of the system is constantly updated according to the industry needs and trends.

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