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02 Oct 2023

Mobile Device Management

So tell us something about yourself

Howdy, partner! My name is Grzesiek (the equivalent of Gregory in English), currently I have been part of Leon for 9 months, more precisely the DevOps team, i.e. the one where we do impossible things right away... because you have to wait a while for miracles ;)

Mobile Device Management

"Still" a student, although it's only a matter of days, at the same time I have already had the pleasure of working in many companies where I gained extensive experience. Starting from working on the helpdesk with server administration for clients from all over the world and from many industries, through working as a DevOps engineer in an innovative software house where practically 90% was creating new things, continuing the adventure in one of the largest and most famous online stores and market places throughout Poland, ending with the current and hunky-dory cooperation with Leon.

What’s your main tasks at Leon?

As devops, we are "MacGyvers" who are not afraid of hardware, software, communication or security topics. However, I have recently been focusing on tasks of process automation, Kubernetes, networking in AWS, HashiCorp Vault, and the last main topic was cooperation with my colleague Michał to sort out all security uncertainties before the ISO audit. It is worth mentioning that it is not that Leon is unsafe, because I can say from my own experience that this aspect is very well taken care of. However, we want our customers to feel safe, but also in such a way that Leon's employees do not feel too much inconvenience, because we know that then everyone will try to circumvent the security measures we have put in place :)

What part of these preparations are you involved in?

 I mainly dealt with the topic of computer unification and management of devices used in the company. We have implemented domain login based on an external provider, we continue to develop SSO, we have implemented a large-scale antivirus that we can remotely manage, we have defined a list of allowed applications and we are constantly developing our MDM solution based on the tandem of the ESET and Google ecosystems.

Can you say something more about mobile device management

MDM stands for "Making Devices Mindful." (ofc. joke ????) It's like giving your smartphones and tablets a crash course in manners and responsibility. MDM software helps keep those unruly devices in line, ensuring they behave themselves in the corporate world. Think of it as a digital nanny for your gadgets, making sure they don't stay out too late (read: access sensitive data without permission) or misbehave at the office (read: download apps they shouldn't). It's all about maintaining order in the digital daycare! ????

But what are the main benefits for Leon?

First, let's consider security. MDM helps us keep our company data safe by allowing us to do things like locking devices remotely, encrypting data, and even wiping data from devices that are lost or stolen.

This is a big deal because it reduces the risk of data breaches. Next up is compliance. With all the data protection regulations out there, it's important for us to stay on the right side of the law. MDM helps us do that by enforcing security policies and making sure we handle sensitive information properly. Then, there's efficiency. MDM makes it a lot easier to set up and configure devices, which saves our IT team time and effort. Plus, it lets us troubleshoot problems remotely, which means less downtime for everyone.Now, let's talk about money. MDM can actually save us quite a bit of it.

By managing all our devices in one place, we can use them more efficiently, reduce the number of support calls we get, and lower the risk of losing data. App management is another big advantage. With MDM, we can control which apps are on our devices, so our employees have access to the tools they need, and we can prevent them from installing apps that aren't approved. Then, there's remote monitoring. MDM gives us real-time insights into how our devices are doing, how they're being used, and whether there are any security threats. This helps us stay on top of things and solve problems before they become big issues. 

User productivity is also a big win. MDM lets our employees work securely from their own devices, which means they can be more productive and flexible in how they work. And don't forget about asset tracking. MDM makes it easier for us to keep tabs on company-owned devices, so we always know where they are and what condition they're in. Lastly, scalability is important. Our business is growing, and MDM solutions can grow with us, making it easy to adapt to changing device needs.

So, in a nutshell, MDM is a powerful tool that can help us with data security, compliance, efficiency, cost savings, app management, remote monitoring, user productivity, asset tracking, and scalability. It's a real game-changer for our organisation. 

And for the clients?

First and foremost, let's consider data security. When we implement MDM to secure our employees' devices, it's like building a fortress around our customers' sensitive information. I'm talking about their personal details and payment data. By doing this, we reduce the risk of data breaches and, most importantly, ensure the safety of our customers' information. Moving on, think about enhanced privacy. MDM ensures that our employees' devices are managed securely, decreasing the chances of any personal data leakage. This is reassuring for our customers, knowing that their privacy is a top priority for us. Now, consider how MDM leads to improved service. With this system in place, our employees are better equipped to provide efficient and secure customer service. Whether they're using a mobile app or company devices during interactions, they're doing so securely, resulting in an overall better customer experience.

Furthermore, MDM plays a pivotal role in maintaining data integrity. It ensures that our data remains accurate and consistent. By providing our employees with the right tools and applications to serve our customers effectively, we reduce errors and increase the reliability of our services. For industries with stringent regulations, like healthcare or finance, compliance assurance becomes paramount. MDM helps us ensure that our employees adhere to industry regulations and security standards, signalling our commitment to our customers' safety and trust. Consider the aspect of availability. When employees can securely access company resources from their mobile devices, our customers benefit from more available services and support. Assistance is just a click away when needed, making our customer-centric approach even more robust.

Last but not least, think about reliability. MDM enhances the reliability of our services. Our customers can count on consistent support from our employees, as their mobile devices are well-managed and less likely to encounter technical issues.

In summary, Mobile Device Management isn't just a technical solution; it's a strategic investment in our customers' well-being and satisfaction. It safeguards customer data, bolsters privacy, ensures compliance, enhances our services, and ultimately makes us more reliable in the eyes of our valued customers. Thank you for your attention.


Should other companies also introduce such measures?

Well, it's a bit like asking if everyone should ride a unicorn to work. Sure, it sounds magical, but it might not be practical for every situation. You see, MDM (Mobile Device Management) can be a lifesaver for larger companies with armies of employees and devices to wrangle. It's like having a digital shepherd for all those wandering computers, smartphones and tablets. But for a tiny team of three, it could feel a bit like using a bulldozer to mow your lawn.

Sure, MDM brings security, order, and peace of mind. But it also adds some extra costs and administrative work.

So, should every company do it? Well, it really depends on your company's size, needs, and budget. Just like not everyone needs a jetpack for their daily commute, not every company needs MDM. But if your digital jungle starts to feel like a wild safari, it might be time to consider a digital zookeeper! ???????? 

Seems like this will be a standard for the near future?

Yes, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is likely to become a standard in the near future. With the increasing reliance on mobile devices for work and personal use, organizations and individuals need effective tools to manage and secure these devices. MDM solutions offer features such as device security, app management, and remote monitoring, which are becoming essential in a world where mobile devices are ubiquitous. As technology continues to advance and cybersecurity threats evolve, MDM will play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient use of mobile devices, making its adoption more widespread in the coming years.

It was great speaking with you. Thanks!

Thank you!

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