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20 May 2024

Filling the Gaps: Leon Software Integration with Moove Turns Empty Legs into Revenue Opportunities

Moove, a saas-marketplace with an empty leg focus, has integrated with Leon Software, streamlining management for airline operators. This collaboration enables operators to access Moove's services directly through Leon's management system, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency.

Flight Scheduling Software - Leon Software Integration with Moove

Attracting new customers and managing empty legs

Moove offers a powerful platform for charter operators, enabling them to list and efficiently manage empty leg flights, which traditionally represent about 40% of all business aviation flights. Through Moove marketplace or by utilizing its white-label widget, operators can transform these otherwise non-revenue flights into profitable opportunities, attracting a network of over 30,000 corporate travelers. This increased exposure not only boosts occupancy rates but also enhances revenue potential. 

The platform has already proven its efficacy, with now 8,000 passengers per year and 60 flights per week booked, showcasing the relevance of its technology for efficient and direct automated booking. Moove’s features, such as dynamic pricing and rerouting capabilities, allow operators to respond swiftly to market demands, optimizing their flight schedules and operational efficiency.

Integration for time and resource savings

The integration of Moove with Leon Software substantially streamlines operations for airline operators by consolidating data across platforms. This integration eliminates the need to duplicate data entry efforts across different systems, thereby saving time and greatly reducing the likelihood of errors. By ensuring that flight details, customer data, and schedules are harmonized between Moove and Leon, operations become smoother and more efficient. 

This centralized approach to data management allows operators to efficiently list their services in Moove's advanced search engine quickly and easily or integrate these capabilities directly into their own websites via a widget. As a result, operators can devote more resources to strategic planning and enhancing customer service, instead of managing routine administrative tasks.

About Moove

Moove is a dynamic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that specializes in creating efficient charter and co-ownership solutions for business travelers. At the forefront of on-demand aviation, Moove offers direct booking and passenger management tools to operators, enhancing the accessibility and sustainability of business flights. With a strong focus on innovation, Moove has developed the first real-time business aviation gain calculator, aiming to democratize air mobility for professionals across Europe. Through its technology, Moove is committed to evolving into the premier flight distribution platform of the future.

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