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20 Feb 2023

Fly with Amelia - going green

Fly Amelia above the French sky

Amelia by Regourd Aviation Group has been operating for more than 40 years. During this time, it has become one of the most important companies in the aviation industry in Europe and Africa. Initially, it was involved in broadly based aircraft trading before gradually expanding its business offerings. It is now also involved in flight operations and other services through its subsidiaries.

Fly Amelia

Under one brand

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In 2019, the French aviation Group “Regourd Aviation” created the brand Amelia. Thanks to this, the Group can continue to grow and, above all, operate its business under one banner. Amelia is thus a versatile company, offering its customers specialised services. These include the provision of aircraft, flight planning or the possibility of taking advantage of connections between several French airports and Amsterdam.

Amelia's fleet currently consists of 18 aircraft: 13 Embraers (ERJ 145 and ERJ 135), three ATRs (ATR42, ATR72, ATR cargo), and two A319-112. The machines listed can accommodate from 24 to as many as 144 passengers, so the company can meet all kinds of customer requirements. Amelia thus operates flights, scheduled and single charter flights, air freight and even medical evacuations.

Amelia's experience and versatility to date have proven themselves, particularly during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only she adapted her services to the requirements of sanitation, but also joined in organising medical evacuations from the French overseas territories of Reunion and Mayotte. 

Operating such a large fleet by a French company presents many challenges. Amelia, therefore, ensures the safety of its flights mainly through its Leon Software, which is an essential tool for its teams. It allows accurate flight planning, crew scheduling and the flow of precise information between the company's various departments.

Amelia go green


Amelia by Regourd Aviation Group attaches great importance to sustainability. For this reason, in 2021, they launched the project 'Amelia Green'. Its primary objective is to develop the low-carbon aviation of tomorrow, which in the interests of the climate will strive to reduce its carbon footprint. It is noteworthy that, thanks to the innovations implemented, Amelia has become the first company aiming to decarbonise internal air links in France.

Moreover, Amelia is one of 20 airlines that have decided to sign up for 'Target True Zero', a commitment prepared by the World Economic Forum. All Companies involved are interested in further developing electric and hydrogen aircraft. Soon, Amelia is expected to announce further projects concerning the future of the entire industry, which still needs time and investment to adapt and achieve the vital sustainability transition.


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