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13 Nov 2023

Gain the skies and let GainJet do the rest

GainJet Aviation Group is a leading worldwide private jet charter operator and management company with its headquarters in Athens, Greece and a subsidiary AOC operation in Shannon, Ireland – GainJet Ireland. With a large and versatile fleet, it offers clients a wide selection of private jets to best suit their needs, including Gulfstream G650 and G550 types and Bombardier CL605 and CL604 types.


Worldwide service on a variety of aircraft

The company began operations in 2006 and has a long history and extensive experience flying the world's elite aboard its many private jets. GainJet operates a diverse fleet that includes Gulfstream G650s, G550s, G450s, Bombardier CL605s and CL604s, as well as several Boeing BBJs. Due to GainJet's worldwide operations, the company's fleet is positioned throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

GainJet also offers an air ambulance service that is actively ready to meet the medical travel needs of customers at any time by utilizing specially configured Bombardier Challenger aircraft. The company continues to expand its air ambulance service, which includes adding more medical aircraft to its fleet. The most exciting recent acquisition is another Bombardier Challenger 605 medical aircraft, specially equipped with a state-of-the-art stretcher system and dedicated medical staff on call 24/7.  

As an added value to the company's aircraft management service, GainJet has also developed a strong maintenance service with a long list of capabilities and approvals for a wide range of private jets.

Europe, Africa and the Middle East as top destinations for GainJet customers

GainJet's primary markets are Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Most of its operations take clients to destinations in these three regions, although the company's fleet frequently travels to Asia and the Americas.

As a company founded in Greece, GainJet closely follows local trends. Greece has become a very popular destination over the last few years. With this popularity, other complexities have arisen due to the increased demand and lack of infrastructure to support this incredible surge in demand. However, processes are already in place to bring the necessary infrastructure on par with the increased demand, so the challenges faced by GainJet and other operators shouldn’t be an issue for much longer.

Leon Software helps to manage complexity

Leon Software has been a substantially useful tool that has helped GainJet efficiently execute complex operations that take them around the world

The user-friendly interface has assisted greatly in taking advantage of the wide array of tools that the Leon system has to offer. It is also helpful that for planning purposes, the system automatically highlights potential scheduling issues in line with regulatory requirements. Scheduling and rostering were certainly a challenge that Leon could assist in reducing the complexities around it.

Flexibility helped GainJet meet pandemic challenges

Like every other company in the aviation industry, GainJet had to deal with the pandemic crisis. The company positioned its fleet in markets where they were more flexible in terms of travel and restrictions, which helped GainJet continue to fly, but it was a challenge as things changed unexpectedly very often. The company's structure allows GainJet to be flexible and make quick decisions and movements, which allowed it to navigate the pandemic a bit better. During this time, GainJet even managed to add several aircraft to the fleet.

GainJet's plan for the near future

Today, GainJet is doing well, the fleet is growing and the core markets are strong, which has helped the business develop.

GainJet is developing maintenance services around its core business to broaden the service offering to its customer base. In addition to being a charter operator, GainJet is also a private jet management company, so by creating additional in-house maintenance capabilities, GainJet is providing added value and a more efficient overall service to its customers.

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