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20 Nov 2023

Automated sanctions verification with Streamlane In Leon’s checklist

European airlines, especially smaller ones, face the challenge of complying with the growing number of international sanctions lists. Streamlane aids in sanction list compliance for airlines, updating lists and reducing non-compliance risks. Now it's also available via an integration with Leon.


Manage sanctions lists in the best way possible

Sanctions lists are restrictive financial, trade, or travel measures against entities imposed at various levels (unilateral, multilateral, or UN). Dealing or transporting a person under sanctions can result in fines, reputational damage, or shutdown. So it's no surprise that airlines place a high value in respecting the sanctions measures and are looking for ways to do it efficiently and accurately. 

Airlines can navigate the complex and evolving sanctions lists in several ways. First, they can opt for manual or semi-automated searches, in which an airline employee maintains and updates a database of sanctions. However, this method is resource-intensive, error-prone and can be costly. Second, airlines can subscribe to international sanctions list services. These provide updated data, but remain time consuming as they are essentially manual. Finally, a more advanced option is to use automated software such as Streamlane. Originally designed for API PNR transmissions, Streamlane's platform has been enriched and can now automatically check passenger names against key sanctions lists, streamlining the compliance process and minimizing risk for airlines

Secure and seamless data exchange between Leon and Streamlane

Streamlane's Sanctions List service, when integrated with the Leon interface, assists airlines by checking all passengers and crew members on upcoming flights against EU, UN, UK and US sanctions lists. This check is performed seamlessly for all flights available in your Leon interface and the results of these checks are displayed in the checklist panel.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, the system checks both passengers and crew against various criteria:

  • Full name matches, including last and middle names.
  • Partial matches, such as missing middle names.
  • Name discrepancies, such as two letters transposed.
  • Verification against gender and/or date of birth, if available.

This approach makes it possible to identify individuals on sanctions lists even if the data entered into the system is not complete, or if a minor error was made in entering the data. For enhanced monitoring, an email notification can be sent to a specified list of recipients when a potential match occurs.

However, it's vital for airlines to understand that if a positive match arises, they must assign a dedicated agent to conduct a manual verification to validate the match and take the required steps. Of course, the data exchange between Leon and Streamlane is implemented in full respect with data security and GDPR.

About Streamlane

Streamlane is a pure play, one-stop solution for airlines to comply automatically with the multiple passenger regulations imposed by authorities around the world such as API-PNR transmissions, EES-ETIAS checks, Travel Authorization checks, the TSA secure program or sanction lists checks.

Streamlane have extensive experience working with private charter, unscheduled, business and emergency carriers as well as general aviation, and have a deep understanding of systems, processes, technologies and legal requirements globally.

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