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25 Jun 2013

IFS and Leon join their efforts in data integration for Denim Air

We are proud to announce, that LEON Software and IFS are joining up in their expertise to achieve data integration between the LEON Scheduling and Crew Planning system and the PFB Paperless Flight Bag EFB solution from IFS.

Denim Air ACMI BV, an up-to-date and dynamically developing ACMI airline with company headquarter in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands, operating a fleet of Fokker 50 and Embraer 190 aircraft will become the first beneficiary to the project.

The actual data integration first phase - is a complete automatic data export of all relevant flight data from the PFB Post-Flight Reporting module into the LEON Scheduling and Crew Planning system. 

The benefit of this is that the pilot’s Post-Flight Report submission performed on the PFB software system in the cockpit via 3G or WiFi will automatically flow into the LEON Software system based on immediate data transmission without any further human interaction required. This process guarantees that there is a near real-time update of all running flight time recordings and other related flight data, so that the updated critical aircraft flight hours and crew flight hours are automatically considered instantly in the daily schedule planning. The next stage of the integration between LEON and the PFB will include fuel monitoring and use of ground services, for cost control.

The business case advantage of the integration is that all flight data inputs which are normally entered into the scheduling/crew planning system manually can be completely avoided and that flight data arrives immediately after the flight has landed and the pilot submits his post-flight registration data to the server from his iPad or Windows 7/8 tablet unit.

The LEON and IFS joint cooperation will further enhance the integration solution based on future customer inputs, so that LEON Software and PFB users will achieve unprecedented levels of automation.

Kindly find more information about Data Integration Solution Project participants:                     


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