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10 Jul 2013

Xclusive selects Leon

Xclusive selects Leon

UK-based Xclusive Jet Charter is investing in Leon Aviation Operations Control software to support its aircraft operations functions.

Plans are afoot to expand Xclusive’s business and md Steve Loveridge believes that the installation of this software will smooth the process: “We are delighted to be working with Leon. The implementation will help us meet our objectives by replacing existing systems with a fully integrated solution offering even greater efficiency, enhanced control and a reduction in data duplication. The software will provide the capability to accelerate processes and allow for future growth.”

The package will streamline Xclusive’s operational, commercial and financial business processes, integrating all transactions. This means data can be shared across screens in multiple areas of the business and it is expected to lend the company’s functions a more disciplined and consistent touch.

Now that it has secured a contract with Leon, Xclusive is entering talks with CAMP, which is recognised for its maintenance tracking platform. With the Leon system linking to the flight planning systems in use (ARINC and PPS), it is hoped that CAMP will synchronise with Leon. This would further streamline operations and provide the necessary infrastructure and efficiency to achieve growth.

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