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15 Jul 2021

Infrastructure Optimisations for smoother User Experience

A lot of effort and resources are put into the ongoing management of Leon’s infrastructure. After all, a stable working environment for our users has always been a staple at Leon.

Ongoing Infrastructure Optimisations for smoother User Experience

Recent months have marked an impressive jump in the number of flights dispatched, which can be largely attributed to the recovery from the 2020’s slowdown. Between April and July 2021 we have observed an increase from over 1000 flights per day in April up to over 1700 flights per day in July (at highest points). Such an amount of the air traffic activity cannot go without appropriate adjustments to the server infrastructure.

The data from the last 3 months, showing the increase in the number of flights dispatched in Leon.

In order to stay on top of the game and secure the smoothness of operations conducted by our community, we are continuously monitoring the server workload and introducing new optimisations that guarantee a top-notch scalability of application. By further investing in server upgrades, it has been possible to not only sustain, but even substantially improve on the existing throughput.

Apdex and throughput improvements

To illustrate this, we have extracted the data from the last three months, showing the increase in the application’s throughput. As notable as it may look, nearly doubling the efficiency is not the only victory here.

The application’s throughput data from the last 3 months.
Another chart presents the apdex score, which is an industry standard for measuring user satisfaction with the response time of web applications or services. Compared to traditional metrics, Apdex provides better insight into how satisfied users are. Again, due to latest developments, we have surpassed the already great score results with an even more stable user experience.

news apdex

The apdex data from the last 3 months. The flatten curve in July translates into a more stable user experience.

Obviously, this is not our final word. As software development at Leon is anything but stagnant, another huge boost to the infrastructure is on its way. Stay tuned for more updates on this in the close future. 

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