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25 Feb 2020

Leon gets a ForeFlight Dispatch integration

The list of Leon integrations is growing steadily. Most recently we have introduced an integration with PNRGO as well as Blue Chap’s TAILLOG. Further in 2020 we plan to release, among others, integrated services of Webmanuals, TRAXXALL and WingX, to well supplement the core functionality of the Leon platform.

ForeFlight Integration

An integration with the ForeFlight platform is a new great feature on the growing list, providing a persistent influx of flight data from Leon to ForeFlight Dispatch. With a huge scope of processed data required by flight planning departments, you can efficiently combine the scheduling powerhouse of Leon with ForeFlight’s advanced flight planning features.

For those of you, who don’t know yet, ForeFlight Dispatch is a new component of ForeFlight Web that delivers next-generation, multi-user, “schedule-to-mobile” flight planning, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity for flight departments of any size. By providing a centralized list of all planned and filed flights that are visible to everyone, ForeFlight Dispatch keeps the entire operation in sync and running smoothly.

A quick look at the integration

With a rising interest in ForeFlight Dispatch on behalf of Leon’s community, its long-term, new and upcoming partners, flight plans from Leon can now be sent to ForeFlight and updated in regular intervals. Thanks to an intuitive ForeFlight’s API, it was just a matter of days for our development team to implement an appropriate solution.

An integration between Leon and ForeFlight works one-way, so only flights from Leon are being forwarded to ForeFlight Dispatch. The process is fully automated though, with flight data being transferred automatically every 5 minutes. In order to extend the integration’s functionality, we are also considering adding an option to conduct an import manually in the near future.

The extent of integrated data includes importing both flight and crew details. Each package sent contains information on flight, such as flight number, scheduled time of arrival and departure, ADEP and ADES, status of the flight or number of passengers. It contains also the relevant crew information that consists of crew code and crew email address.  The provided Leon data is then matched with ForeFlight data, such as the aircraft registration number or crew details. It results in a seamless transfer, to combine the best of both platforms.


For more insight into the ForeFlight Dispatch functionality, please visit

Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to start using Foreflight with Leon? Visit our Online Wiki to learn more.

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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