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11 Feb 2020

Moving to the bright side: why migrate to Leon in 2020?

The winter time has come, alongside the off-season. No rest for the wicked though, as even at this point of time the aviation business and ourselves still have our hands full of work. And yet, there is no better moment throughout the year to consider changes and improvements to your operational ecosystem, including your OPS, Sales and Crew Planning software.

Migrate to Leon in 2020

At Leon, we are prepared really well for this, introducing several game-changers recently, with even more upcoming goodness on our roadmap for 2020. Best of all, our team has developed a completely new toolset for data migration, making the process of switching from other systems to Leon as smooth and fast as possible.

Why move to Leon now?

Last year we made strides in the development of Leon, positioning ourselves as a comprehensive solution for diversified groups of aviation companies. Only in 2019, we delivered a revamped version of Sales module, making charter sales a breeze for AOC holders. With the introduction of a new version of Crew Panel and a beta version of Leon SCHED, scheduled operators got instruments to efficiently conduct airline, charter and cargo business. On top of that, Leon’s development team has implemented roughly 350 other features, a versatile API for third-party software as well as new infrastructure model, fostering a faster, stable and more secure deployment of future improvements. Not bad for such period of time.

All things considered though, 2020 may surpass the previous year in almost every aspect. With Leon Sales, Leon SCHED and Crew Panel still under further development, we want these tools to serve as a benchmark for the industry. While improving the Crew Panel functionality, we haven’t forgotten about the BizAv, as the related Crew Duties toolset will also receive a grand revamp in 2020. If you also take into account new mobile app for aircraft owners, new features such as weather monitoring, estimating fuel cost, option to send SSIM messages, improvements to Report Wizard and API as well as new integrations (TRAXXALL, Webmanuals, PNRGO, WingX), things are looking bright for the community of Leon.

Migration. How it actually works?

Making a decision to actually switch from one software to another is a tough one, that is for sure. After all, being afraid of change is a part of our human nature. We could wonder if data collected over so many years would still be available, if workflows reflected on legacy systems would be implemented correctly, finally we could play it safe, sometimes putting direct improvements aside in favor of the current status quo.

At Leon we help to embrace the change, providing guidance and showing tangible benefits of Leon’s functionality along the way. As customization in Leon is second to none, this is also a great moment to introduce our future partner to a vast amount of possibilities personalized solutions bring to the table. The whole onboarding requires, on our behalf, an in-depth understanding of new partner’s agenda and this is indeed the most crucial aspect of this process.

Even before the migration process starts, we request access to the soon-to-be-migrated data (including flight, fleet and sales data, plus passenger, client, crew information alongside with currencies and endorsements) and prepare a trial enviroment for our future partner to test every facet of Leon by himself. At that point all the operational nuances, set according to each operations manual, are already implemented.

After the data collection, the next step involves data analysis and verification. We verify how the provided data matches the data structure in Leon and together seek the most appropriate solution for you – we are quite flexible when it comes to the extent of data migrated. Usually only after you are happy with the specification of imported data, we can move forward to the decision regarding the subscription. Even if it happens before the end of the trial, you can still enjoy using Leon for free for the rest of that period.

Better, faster, cheaper – you don’t have to only pick two

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, a real added value comes with a new data migration toolset, recently developed by our team. An internal framework created for this purpose can automate the process to a large extent, extracting and structurizing data from virtually any kind of source system (whether it be a database, csv file or via API), thus speeding up the migration many times. The process that took a month before, could take a week, the one that took a week – possibly a day or two. We don’t have to mention how positively it affects other aspects of the migration process, service cost included.

Processes implemented, data migrated, what else is left? Of course, we wouldn’t leave you without a proper training and support! Our customer support is ready to help with anything Leon-related and online live trainings are free and unlimited for the client-base.


Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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