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16 Jun 2020

Master the Duty Scheduling with the all-new Crew Calendar

The constant development of Leon inspires us to always look for improvements in terms of scheduling solutions. However, with every new feature, new technology introduced, there is also a small downside in some remaining functionalities approaching the end of their life cycle.

Crew Calendar

As the Leon platform constantly evolves, we are putting a lot of resources into reimagining some of the legacy features, adding much needed enhancements or, in some cases, even remaking them from scratch. Such is the case with Crew Duties, a functionality that has been available for over 10 years. During that period of time Leon has changed substantially – from the technology implemented, available infrastructure, to the overall vision of the whole system. With new versions of modules, such as new Sales Panel, updated to meet today’s high technology standards, we knew that some of the other functionalities have to follow the same path. As a result, we are happy to introduce Crew Calendar – a worthy successor to the classic Crew Duties feature.

Faster and more flexible

Our goal, during the early development of Crew Calendar, was to keep the majority of core features that made Crew Duties a go-to solution for duty scheduling, while expanding on certain functionalities and user interface to make them consistent with other latest Leon releases.

Leaving the old code behind translated well into the overall performance of the new module. Due to the newly implemented technology, speed and efficiency of duty planning operations running via Crew Calendar have improved leaps and bounds. Adjusting to the latest developments has allowed us to create a functionality coherent with other crew-oriented modules, such as Crew Panel and its Timeline view. In the future, this will allow a convenient access to the Crew FTL data, as in the aforementioned module.

New technology also means better flexibility. With the interface now resembling more closely the Timeline view of Crew Panel, the process of adding and managing duties has become more streamlined. The introduction of a context menu (under right mouse click) brings a number of options facilitating the user, including an easy access to the changes history, or a “Quick Add” option for creating pre-defined duties. Adding simulator duties now works in a similar manner to the feature available in the OPS module.

We feel that the current iteration of drafts as well should become more intuitive and accessible to Leon users. Working with drafts and duty requests has gone a long way, allowing easy toggling of the draft mode and requests, with a much clearer indication of the available data. Finally, having some legacy restrictions removed, new Crew Calendar introduces an option to set up different timezones (instead of UTC only) and enables late night duties (crossing midnight).

The Future of Crew Calendar & Crew Duties

The Crew Calendar functionality is currently entering a beta phase, which gives us a room to implement some of the more advanced features, while inviting our community to test the current state of the reimagined Crew Duties and share the much needed feedback with our team. New technology opens up the way to deliver future implementations even more diligently, thus your opinions and ideas will greatly help in shaping a perfect duty planning solution.

As for the classic Crew Duties module, it will remain available for Leon users indefinitely, while we encourage our client-base to consider switching to a faster, more reliable and above all – continuously supported version in form of the new Crew Calendar.


Contact our Customer Support, or visit our Online Wiki page to discover Crew Calendar in detail.

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