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05 Jul 2020

RAF-AVIA: How thirty years of experience helps to adapt to a changing reality.

The current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic stimulates the dynamics on the aviation market.

Crew Panel in 2019

With the increasing demand of the freight supply, cargo operators find themselves in a very unique position.

In this article we will talk with our new partner about how to efficiently operate and maintain a stable market position for 30 years. Presenting RAF-AVIA, a company that stands out with its empathic approach to business and corporate identity focused on two key pillars - trust and honesty.

Now let's take a closer look at RAF-AVIA profile. The history of this operator dates back to the times of the former Soviet Union, when it was founded the first non-governmental airline. RAF-AVIA is currently one of the oldest airlines in the Baltics region and its aircraft fly not only throughout Europe, but also over Africa and the Middle East. In the initial period of its activity, RAF-AVIA strengthened its position primarily as a Cargo carrier. In 2015, it expanded its operations to include passenger transport. In addition to freight and passenger transport, RAF-AVIA is a fully certified Part 145, Part M, Subpart G organization for the maintenance and aircraft repairs. It provides line and base maintenance for Saab 340, ATR42, ATR72, A320 family, B737 and A220 aircraft not only for its own fleet, but also for other operators, including hangar and equipment rent out.


We had the opportunity to ask Igors Bezsmertnijs, CEO and Accountable Manager of RAF-AVIA, few questions about their view on the aviation market in the age of COVID-19 and company’s new solutions addressing the hardships of the current situation.


During nearly 30 years of professional service, RAF-AVIA has become one of the biggest and most experienced freight and passenger carriers in the whole Baltics region. Could you share with our readers main reasons for that development?

Igors Bezsmertnijs: Long term and constantly returning reliable partners. Our success is devotion and integrity to our partners and customers. Honesty and trust are the basics. I believe it is the reason why we are 30 years on the market.


The ongoing restrictions, being a result of the COVID-19 crisis, have put a lot of operators in a demanding situation. How does RAF-AVIA deal with the current state of affairs?

Igors BezsmertnijsMajor forwarding and logistics companies immediately reacted to this and re-scheduled their networks, having introduced new routes or having increased the traffic frequency on the existing ones. We responded to this by placing two ATRs 72 in a location driven by demand in Europe (Switzerland and Germany).


We are delighted to have you as a member of Leon community. Joining the group of over 200 aviation companies using Leon, what has been the key element in the process of selecting us as your scheduling software of choice?

Igors Bezsmertnijs: Company re-shaping together with management generation change was one of the main elements to introduce a new scheduling software. We did trial of different software and realised that LEON meets our requirements. Leon company is flexible to customer needs, replies to any questions / requests with minimum time delay. As many of our staff were using Sabre and Raido before, it was not difficult to start using LEON. 

LEON software will support RAF-AVIA during COVID-19 recovery plan and in the future.


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For more information on RAF-AVIA, please visit the company’s website

RAF-AVIA is one of 210+ aviation companies using Leon for their operational excellence. Will you join them? Let us know by contacting our Sales team or by applying for a 30-day free trial.

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