We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • COMPLYTEQ - a new integration will be added. More information here
  • QUOTE'S PRICE - possibility to manually change the main price of the quote. More information here
  • TRIP CHANGES HISTORY - in the quote's edition page it will be possible to check trip changes history - a clock icon will be placed on the yellow belt (displayed after a trip change in OPS), as well as under the 'TRIP' button
  • INVOICE - the main item will show the route of the booked quote, instead of the route of the quote request
  • QUOTE'S EDITION - 3-dot filter > Commercial will have a new option added: 'Based on trip type', which will also be possible to be set up as a default type in an aircraft profile, tab 'Sales'
  • QUOTES LIST - a new filtering option 'Updated in OPS' will be added to the filter 'Show', on the menu bar


  • CARGO - it will be possible to select Cargo handling agents from new OPS checklist items: Cargo Handling ADEP & Cargo Handling ADES (to be activated in Settings > Flight Editing section)
  • JOURNEY LOG - new fuel-related items will be added: Fuel delivery note, Price of uplift, Fuel invoice number, Cost centre & Fuel provider. All these items will also be available in the scope 'Flight' of the Report Wizard
  • JOURNEY LOG - a new item 'Carriage of dangerous goods' will be added - also available in the Report Wizard, scope 'Flight'
  • PAX - it will be possible to assign PAX to multiple legs (the same functionality already exists in the Sales panel)
  • TBC - an indication 'TBC' will also show in STD/STA of the OPS Table section (if marked in a tab FLIGHT)
  • SATCOM DIRECT - fuel data will be arriving automatically from Satcom Direct to Leon's Flight Watch - additional fields will show: Fuel BLOFF, Fuel T/O, Fuel LDG & Fuel BLON (for US scheme: Fuel OUT, Fuel OFF, Fuel ON & Fuel IN)


  • ENDORSEMENTS - a new functionality of connecting training & simulators with endorsements. More information here
  • DAY TRADING - possibility to assign accounts as default in profiles of crew members. More information here
  • DUTIES SETUP - it will be possible to assign aircraft to all types of duties, i.e. Day Off or Training
  • PREFERRED CREW - Leon will show tails to which crew member has been assigned as 'Preferred Crew' (in a tab 'Crew' of the aircraft profile), in such sections as: OPS (hover the mouse over crew code), Crew Calendar & Crew Timeline (hover the mouse over the dot)
  • FTL REPORTS - a new column showing an aircraft registration will be added to reports: FTL Sheet & FTL Violations
  • FTL SHEET - an option to mark FTL violation approval & add notes will be added - mark a checkbox 'Shw report status' in the filter to enable this functionality
  • WORK PLAN - when creating a new work plan definition, it will be possible to show 'Airport' as the crew home base
  • CREW CALENDAR - further works on the optimization of loading the 'Crew Calendar' page
  • SIM - an option 'Save and add new' will be added to SIM adding window - it will copy all SIM details to the new one, apart from CREW & Pilot Flying


  • JOURNEY LOG - Leon will send a push notification to the crew if a Journey Log has not been filled in - Leon will send this notification for the flights completed between 12h and 7days in the past
  • CREW ACKNOWLEDEGMENTS - in a section 'General Settings', tab 'Mobile notifications', it will be possible to select whether Crew Acknowledgements should be sent after flight & duty changes, after flight changes only, or after duty changes only


  • It will be possible to enter multiple addresses into the client's profile
  • Searching by a person's code will be possible


  • FLIGHT NOTIFICATIONS - it will be possible to send flight notifications via Mailboxes
  • MVT - possibility to send MVT messages for ferry flights only - a new checkbox will be added in the MVT rule definition
  • OWNER BOARD - it will be possible to make 3 new items to be visible to the aircraft owner, in the Owner Board: Optional flights, Reservations & Maintenances

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link