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20 Jun 2022

Leon 115 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • QUOTE'S PRICE- indication of the final price change will be implemented. More information here
  • SUBCHARTERS - a possibility to assign the 'Catering' and 'Pax Transport' providers in a new tab 'SERVICES'
  • FLEET - a new 'Approval recipients' field will be added to the Fleet > Sales panel. In that field, there will be a possibility to select owner/owners who will receive emails with the approval for the trip


  • TIMELINE - modification of the existing function 'Show active aircraft only' in the 'Timeline' view. More information here
  • CHECKLIST - a new button 'NOTIFY' will be added to the existing OPS checklist item 'Crew aware of trip' - this new option will allow sending emails to crew, with selected OPS documents and updating the item's status to 'Requested'. Leon will also update the status of this item if 'Notify crew' email will be sent when right-clicking on the selected trip/trips. In the future, we plan to connect it with the approval proces in the Leon Crew app
  • RESERVATIONS - a new checkbox 'Change aircraft position on OPS views' will be added to the 'New Reservation' window - if marked, it will change the aircraft position in OPS Calendar & Timeline panels
  • EMAIL HISTORY - a possibility to check the history of emails sent via Mailbox in the OPS panel - such emails will be displayed in a new tab 'Messages' (in the sending email window)


  • ROSTER CHANGE - it will be possible for crew to acknowledge familiarization with the roster change sent via email - in the email itself, Leon will show a link 'Acknowledge', provided 'Crew roster changes acknowledgements' functionality has been enabled in the 'General Settings > Mobile notifications' section
  • CREW TIMELINE - the 'Draft mode' will now also be available in the Crew Timeline panel
  • TIMELINE - Leon will show the Diversion airport (DIV) in the Crew Timeline. Information will be available at the bottom of the page, once clicked on a flight tile, showing DIV details in brackets, i.e. (DIV: GVA)


  • It will be possible to define in which timezone Leon should generate the report - when selecting time-range, while creating a new report, Leon will show an additional drop-down list with the timezones of bases defined in the 'General Settings' panel
  • Possibility to filter out the active/non-active users in the "Endorsement/Qualifications" scope
  • The new scope 'Crew flights' will be added to the report 'WIZARD' - it will contain the flights details of the crew assigned to them


  • Ability to enter additional email addresses and phone numbers by clicking on the '+' icon by the 'EMAIL' and 'Phone' labels respectively in the contact's profile.


  • REPORTS- the 'sticky-header' functionality will be introduced to all reports in Leon - it will allow seeing headers while scrolling down the report
  • FLEET- possibility to filter the aircraft by the registration, by inserting aircraft reg number to the new field 'Search'. For the virtual fleet this will work by aicraft name

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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