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03 Sep 2019

Leon 42 released

We have just started rolling out new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to .

  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - new options & changes have been introduced. More information here
  • ADD-ONS - trips imported from Avinode can now show flight times based on Leon aircraft performance - turn the option on in Avinode configuration section (Settings > Add-Ons panel)
  • CREW PANEL - it is now possible to delete SIM flights from this panel as well as delete a particular crew from SIM flights. Also, 'AIRCRAFT' filter appears now on top of the page
  • REPORT WIZARD - a new filter 'Passenger List' has been added - select one or more PAX to view their flights. Filters 'ADEP/ADES Handling Agent' suggest now handlers names when you type at least 3 letters of handler's name
  • FTLs - Leon will show the lenght of the break in a tab CREW > FTL Calculations section. Report 'FTL Sheet' has a new options in its filter: 'Alternative cumulative figures calculations' - cumulative duty and block times are calculated back from the end of the day with no duty, rather than from the end of a previous day. The other option is that Leon can now highlight all flights where 'Reduced Rest' has applied (in orange) - this option is also available to be turned on in FTL Violations report
  • FLEET - a new field 'Minimum runway length' has been added to the aircraft profile page (tab OPS) - Leon will show a warning 'The runway length is too short for this aircraft' in sections: OPS & Requests/Quotes if runway lenght is shorter to the one added in FLEET aircraft edition
  • VIRTUAL FLEET - minimum cockpit & cabin crew can now be defined
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - new templates have been added: Quote Invoice, Quote Book, Quote Option & Quote Reject

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