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06 Jul 2020

Leon 64 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to

  • REPORT WIZARD - an option to send reports automatically in pre-defined time range has been added. More information here
  • OPS - it is now possible to send ASM messages to DCS & PSS systems. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - we have introduced new features including the reorganisation of the 'Notes' section. More information here
  • FTL SETTINGS - important changes applied to FDP extensions mode. More information here
  • CREW CALENDAR - more improvements introduced: 1) it is possible to sort crew by Code, Known as, Surname & name and Name & surname. This option is available in the '...' filter located in the top-right corner; 2) deleting positioning & simulator duties is now possible by right-clicking with the mouse on the duty and choosing the option from the list
  • OPS - it is possible to roll up particular sections of the checklist - click the little triangle next to the checklist section's name and save. Leon will remember the checklist layout on existing and newly created flights
  • AIRCRAFT CREW POSITIONS - operators can now change crew positions acronyms (i.e. from FA to CC, or from FO to SIC) - go to a panel Settings > Aircraft Crew Positions and type a new acronym into a column 'Operator name'
  • PASSPORTS - a change of a default passport (in PAX or Crew profile) will result in that new default passport showing on all future flights if no default passport was selected for Crew or PAX
  • REPORT WIZARD - following columns have been added: 1) Scope 'Invoices' - 'Requester code' and 'Representative code'; 2) Scope 'Flights' - 'Catering Note [Chkl]' with the data taken from OPS checklist > sub-section 'PAX' > item 'Catering'; 3) Scope 'Flight' - 'Approach type' column and filter with the data taken from Journey Log;
  • OPS - new features implemented: 1) in 'Show Schedule' panel it is now possible to change email title in 'Plain Text' option; 2) a field 'Distance' in a tab 'Flight' will be now automatically filled in by Leon; 3) in a tab CREW Leon will show whether crew member has requested for a duty, as long as no duty has been assigned on that day
  • BOOKINGS - empty legs will no longer show in 'Quotation' part of the panel unless an empty leg is the only flight on a given day
  • REPORTS - 'Experience time' column in 'Crew Block Time' report has been divided into 3 separate columns: 'CPT', 'FO', 'Total'
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - new items added to Airport and Aircraft Fees: 'Hangar Fee' and 'VIP Lounge'. Number of items is not automatically calculated within the quotations and has to be entered manually

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