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09 Nov 2020

Leon 73 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to

  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - an option to view statistics of the quote's requester has been added. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - it is possible to exchange information with subcharter operators via Avinode chat (if a quote was downloaded from Avinode), or emails. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - a possibility of uploading files to the Sales checklist's items has been implemented as well as viewing files uploaded to the checklist OPS (from OPS panel)
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - it is possible to apply a discount to the aircraft fees 'Fuel flight fee' & 'Fuel block fee'. The discount applies on the flights with PAX only
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - we have added a possibility of changing an aircraft when editing Avinode quote
  • ADMIN PANEL- if is now possible to configure user mailboxes and connect them in Requests/Quotes module. More information here
  • FTL SETTINGS - new settings available to configure. More information here
  • FTL SETTINGS - it is now possible to select 'BT' in FTL Calculations. More information here
  • LEON CREW APP - a possibility to view OPS documents: Airport Brief, Crew Trip Sheet, Flight Order & GenDec has been added. Links are available in a tab 'Flight' when editing a flight
  • LEON CREW APP - an option to view flight or trip Tags (added in a panel OPS) has been added - tags will show in a tab 'Flight'
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - changes in setting up 'Reply to' email address - when editing an email template, it is possible to mark a checkbox 'User sending email' in 'Recipients' tab. Once it's done, logged user's email address will show in 'Reply to' field for OPS & Sales documents, as well as crew app Duty Requests, Show Schedule in OPS & Sales Panel Message
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - 'Catering Requests' email template can now include PAX characteristic details and caterer's name (from 'Available data' section)
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - 'Landing permits' & 'Overflight permits' - items 'country' & 'selectedPermit' have been added to 'Available data' section
  • ADD-ONS - 'ForeFlight' - an option of uploading files to 'Crew briefing' has been added. The functionality works in the same way as with 'PPS'
  • OPS - it is now possible to disable showing columns 'Flight No.' & 'PAX' in 'OPS > Table' panel - an option available in 3-dots filter
  • CREW CALENDAR - when publishing duties, Leon will show a progress bar (right next to the 'Publish' button)
  • REPORT WIZARD - following columns have been added in scope 'Flight': 1) 'Autoland [JL]' and a filter selection for this item (SAT, UNSAT); 2) 'Position name [Position type]], e.g. 'CPT name [Cockpit]'
  • OPS CHECKLIST - item 'PAX Transport' will no longer show by default on 'Ferry', 'Technical' and 'Training' flights
  • REFUELING - default fuel density defined in 'Settings > Flight Editing' panel will show when adding a new refueling (for both: JET A-1 and AVGAS)

The following link contains the list of aviation acronyms that might have been used in the newsletter and explains the meaning: "Aviation abbreviations and acronyms"

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